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I obviously feel my weekly posts about The Inside can get a bit repetitious, but I can't tell you enough, how after last week's less than fantastic episode, this week's was spectacularly on the mark. The character interactions within the team were particularly wonderful this week, all of them. And very very very funny. "Cuz that's what I do".

But yes, Jane Espenson episode, which begs the question who did the very similar episode in Angel. Nanny from Wonderfalls is the featured guest, which turns out well. Their problematic endings are a particular weakness, but the episode was still very good, if only because the interplay of the characters' dialogue was wonderful. And the fluttering flag over the fence. "Either one of you? No."

They're lighting Rachel Nichols differently, more harshly I think, which is probably their assuredly subtle way of signalling her role in the episode.

TorrentSpy is your friend. I'm not sure, but I get the feeling that the ratings did, at least marginally, better. Apparently I was wrong, it's more or less been holding steady at what's considered a non-competitive dismal.

I must have somehow missed all this stuff, or I'm just on the wrong feed. All of which is untrue, because for some reason the categories in ISOHunt aren't definitive when it comes to indexing this stuff, apparently - either that or they were hiding somehow, because they didn't show up on TorrentSpy, much to their chagrin. Which is all the more annoying, since these are all on prominent trackers/aggregators, like Piratebay, or Mininova.

Anyway, here's a list of the shows, most of which can be found searching through, or sheer ingenuity:

The Loop, Still Life, The Robinsons Lost In Space, Reunion, Just a Phase, Bones, Rocky Point, Prison Break, Supernatural, Everybody Hates Chris, Like Cats and Dogs, Out of Practise.

Torrents for you to torrent with can be found this convenient ISOHunt search results page.

The Chills of Dave Gorman

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I can't tell you how wonderful it is, this thing I've just watched. It's cosmically and artistically breathtaking, and it's also unerringly funny. I can't stress enough to you how blown away I was at watching this. I got it off UKNova, but you might want to try these off TorrentSpy, though I can't be sure they're the right ones.

The premise would just sound silly if I told it to you, but if you must you can search for it online, I think the search will really just augment the experience.

I'm telling you, really, watch this, you won't regret it. I haven't watched the subsequent episodes yet, but as with so many things, within the first couple of minutes or seconds, I knew, from that tiny sample, that this is something was wonderful, that I would want to watch, and that I would watch.

theinside_gallery.jpgNow that I've got the drama that is Opera out of my system I can get back to the joyful act of writing about The Inside.

This episode wasn't quite as good as the others so far. That said, there are some things that are intensely enjoyable about it, not least Katie Finneran and Adam Baldwin getting very very gratifying moments.

And of course a post cannot go by without my mentioning how lovingly the show presents Rachel Nichols - though in this episode it wasn't quite as fluent, and wasn't quite as rigorous as it has been. Much too much of a concept episode - particularly in establishing the premise of the show - but those are normally the episodes they just have to get out of their system before they move on.

Whatever it is, if you're not already watching it, you must be waiting for me to mercilessly mock you into doing so. Anyway, I like making things just that bit easier, so even if you've missed the first two, you can still catch up.

Edit: Apparently the ratings aren't getting any better, basically getting creamed by Dancing With The Stars, and below even that of the reruns. I don't know what it bodes, but they're showing back to back episodes of it next week, July 6th.

Nigella on HIGNFY

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Honestly it had been the reason I actually got the whole wodge that got shoved, and well worth it. Nigella really is so very fetching, so very tartly regal in her minxy saucy manner. It must have been that period when those shirts were in vogue, since she was stretching out Delia's name. She didn't really say that much, but she looked so very focused and determined, and not a bit defensive, not a bit conservative. I suppose wafts of antipathy encourage those things. Very much the face of a younger conservatism, desiring not to suffer fools.

And she really does look like - :D. Less disperse, one would suspect.

It really was quite enjoyable, very squeal-worthy.

JewelStaite.jpgThe Jewel Staite episodes of Wonderfalls are probably the best arc in the series; of course excepting the couple of good stand alone episodes, like the Tim Minear episode (obviously the best of the lot), and perhaps the Destroy Her one. The Bryan Fuller portions make me suspicious - the portions that are Minear are more convincing to me. Not that I don't like the family, but some times what's done with them is less than subtle.

All will greatly look forward to Jewel's upcoming hurrah as Kaylee in Serenity.

What's up with "moist"? Particularly fun seeing Jaye wrestling with Heidi. Both are particularly fetching in the period. For those that don't quite get it, Bryan Fuller also did the occasionally good series Dead Like Me.

A post, especially one that mentions Tim Minear, cannot go by without mention of The Inside. As I have now done.

Calls itself, and tags its files, as CTV - though the url is Importantly, it has The Inside, so yay. If you need me to explain what Azureus is, or what a plugin is, what the RSS plugin is, or what RSS is - then god help you, I'll bash your fucking skull in. The feed url is

Obviously The Inside has made me much more receptive to my rewatching of Wonderfalls.

jay_harrington1.jpgI'm sort of breathless from the second episode of The Inside. It was a really really good episode - probably one of the best directed I've seen of the genre that I can remember. Honestly, Quentin Tarantino should bury his head in his hands and trundle off with his hands, just dried. I've either not posted about what I refer to, or I've just hidden it too well - if you remember, please.

I just can't help but not want to over-sell it, but as I said to Su-lin, I *really* like it - I want it to be fluffy so I can hug it - kind of like it. In many ways much more paced and momentous (in the best way possible) than the pilot, perhaps another case of the creator being unable to work beyond his premise - like Joss needing Tim to step in. But yes, strangely for me, I really appreciated the significance of the exchanges, the focus and import. Unfortunately the elusiveness of the case was defeated in an annoyingly trite manner of closing, but I'm sure that's something they can work on. I mean even X-Files knew better than to give you more than you needed. And in this case, they decided to write past the significance - they just can't seem to be happy with the ambivalence and puzzlement, they have to sketch. But it was still a significant try that I really liked. Another one of my very favorite time/perception ellipses/replays. And the manner of her erotic replay. And the spectacle of her screams was thrilling in a way that went beyond gratification.

Rachel Nichol does so very very well, and acts so very very fetchingly. And the glimpses you get to see of the other cast members is wonderfully suggestive. Webb will be their downfall if they don't handle it.

And a very very good teaser, and some of the most evocative and appropriately toned titles I've ever seen. I just wonder how they managed to get the cast to go along with the whole change of premise, and perhaps how they managed to retain any cast at all in it. High School and control would have been a much tougher fit.

She really does do so very well.

Via Bittorrent, via TorrentSpy, via VTV - by forming another tier of bureacracy.

Fox really needs to start double and tripling up, re-airing to seed - they can't let this die, not when its merit rivals that of the OQ, which they so assiduously challenged.

theinside_gallery2.jpgI can't stress enough how much suckage occurs with the "new" - CNet really knows how to fuck things up.

Anyway, that seems to have been the import of the sudden appearance of the CNet banner at the top of the TVTome pages, and now they can kiss their users goodbye.

As far as I'm concerned, is a much much better, faster loading, stripped down version of TVTome, and now that I've rediscovered it, it strikes me that I should have moved ages ago.

The best things about epguides is that the episode listings are on the main page, so no navigating through menus to get where you want to go.

This way, you only really have to put up with when you're looking at episode details, which need not be often. Similarly with going to the main page for news. seems to work with a simple google search, which is more effective that I'd have thought.

My search.ini, when I update it, will put in place of the old TVTome search. I'll probably include the search for completeness.

God damn those CNet bastards.

And so, as Rachel Nichols' pose suggests (her of the wonderful new show The Inside), we are not amused.

Dear Emily and Richard

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I wonder if they were heading towards cancellation in the middle of the 3rd season, because the 13th episode seems incredibly seminal. And very moving, for those of us who paid attention, and recognise colour.

76-18794.jpgThe pilot is available online, so you have no excuse. And given the ratings, I'm sure Fox won't mind, if it's to pimp the show. Apparently got it's ass handed to it by Dancing with the Stars, with I actually quite enjoy.

Anyway, The Inside is great - it's Executive Produced by Tim Minear, who worked on both Angel and Firefly (and X-Files before that), and also was the guy running Wonderfalls. He wrote my favorite episode of Firefly, Out of Gas, which stands alone wonderfully as a great piece of writing. I'm just hoping that given its summer status, it'll end up more like The OC than Wonderfalls. If not people are gonna start calling Tim "the Reaper" - which would be apt since Bryan Fuller (Dead Like Me) was creator of Wonderfalls.

The pilot probably isn't quite out of the park, but I find it wonderful for how much it reads like so much of Tim Minear's work. As far as I'm concerned, he can do very little wrong, or at least very little that I can't forgive.

Rachel Nichols is really superlatively lovely, and made to look so much like a prettier ringer for Jodie Foster. The most pleasant surprises are Adam Baldwin, Jayne from Firefly and Katie Finneran, Jaye's lesbian sister from Wonderfalls.

I mean I almost don't know what to say about how much I want to watch the series, how good I think it'll end up, and really how much I hope it doesn't get canceled. Hopefully Fox will have enough confidence in it that they'll do what they did, and keep repeating it over summer, so that it can build its audience.

Check out the official Fox site, and it's on Fox, Wednesdays 9/8c - best thing you'll see on TV all summer.

If you need convincing about Rachel Nichols, have a look at some lovely pictures of her from Maxim :). Of which my chosen teasers are these:

aab.jpg gm_l2.jpg aaf.jpg

It's not really their fault, but now that I've figured out how to use views in M2 to do more or less a global "dismiss all items", Klipfolio suddenly seems a lot less indispensable. It's not quite as easy as hovering and clicking, but using the keypad to trawl through has it's advantages, as does opening in background pages etc. Can't do weather, which is annoying, but I really could just use Klipfolio for that :P.

Love is not love that alters when alteration finds.

I must say it is pretty, the new beta, but after awhile it gets a bit clunky - the problem is when it starts to actually look and feel a bit clunky. It is still the most attractive and innovative way to present feeds, but Opera is surprising me with its potential efficiency, and now a more ruthless kind of elegance. Though I'm sure I'll straddle the two for a while at least. I suppose what I should also do is have an email address just for listhost stuff, since I need an address anyway to activate my mail panel - an annoying workaround if I ever knew one.

I'm still very much against the lock-in of Opera's feeds - showing the url won't kill anyone - though I'm now really appreciating things being built in. Having problems getting Opera to recognise a .food file as a feed, shall have to remember to ask. Looks like I'm going to have to figure out how to transfer settings for M2 as well now.

I suppose what I should be saying is mo' features, mo' problems.

It's nice that I can use it for chat as well, though I think I still can't get beyond the desire for folders, so M2 as a mail client is gonna have to wait. Is it just me, or is it silly that there's not pure aggregated feed view - they could just put in in the root directory of "Newsfeeds".

And Starhub is really pissing me off that bandwidth really gets squeezed at primetime, starting from about 8. Allegedly.

I really don't think I'd ever smurf with the panel open though, having the mail window in the background should be enough. I'll see when the morning inundation comes. It's probably because of the end of the season, but I'm just too lazy to set up Azureus to batch download - though I suppose I'll end up bothering for the various summer series of note, not to mentions stuff like Celebrity Love Island.

I'm actually currently getting through the episodes of first season WetBoy with Kelly Brook in it. They probably needed external talent back then for all the languid bath shots. As in sermons in stones, and books in the running. But yes, DVD rips are really not as lovely as from hdtv, more pixelated if nothing else. Pissed-Off steak, nice pepper sauce.

I have since ameliorated my opinion of klipfolio 3, and reinstated it in a more limited capacity - for more information, see this post on the Serence forums.

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