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Sabermetrics could also be used to point out where even a marginal increase in spending would benefit people the most, and where even a marginal decrease in spending would cause no effect - so the rich can get less money and the poor can get more. Of course it's based on past occurance and thus faulty, but it can assist in being a great leveller rather than a way to exclude. It can show how little it takes to nurture potential where previously there was nothing, and how any more somewhere else is just a waste of money.

And not even that much Sabrina Lloyd in the episode.

And these are the people who would otherwise say politics should stay out of science, these woolly headed eye stabbing idiots. Marching to the beat of their own lock-step.

It's just wrong that having sworn I'd never bother to watch the US version of the Office, I find out that Amy Heckerling directed the season finale, and now that Amy Adams is the "Hot Girl" in the episode. It still looks like I'll have to stab myself, but I don't think I can get around it.

Amy Heckerling most famously directed Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Clueless, while Amy Adams is one of my favorite under-discovered actresses.

I'm having to stop the episode every couple of seconds to keep myself from breaking a beer bottle over my head. Yes, oh my fucking god, if possible more annoying than the old one. Why must Amy Adams be in such cack? The woman is quite fetching as well. Jenna Fischer.

I'd like to say she's fetching such that I'd watch more of the show, but the show really is that motherfuckingly, asshole-rippingly annoying (as I've said about its predecessor) that it makes me want to burn my fucking flesh off - slowly.

Thank blah blah for UKNova. I can't say for sure it'll be great, but so far I'm liking it more and more. It's got woman from Hex in it, one of the peripheral bitchy ones. She does well. This is the BBC site. IMDB. Seems like the director is an old hand at doing adaptations, though they refer to it via the writer/adaptor - I'm sure there's something in there to be mentioned, and has. Charming.

Billie Piper on Parkinson

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Sigh - Billie really is so hot isn't she? But yeah, it probably is just her body type that does what it does. A surprising amount of divorce talk - but I suppose that's probably what it was for - that's what Parky's for. A bit surreal that she was on next to Jamie Oliver. Not sure how charming she was, a bit gobby - and it really wasn't as if he was throwing softballs. Delightful scampering I must say. Now you know why I keep watching that awful show even though it's pathetically limp, written by (what I can only assume to be) a talentless ass.

Opera - opera opera opera. I'm not trying to "game" your filters, I'm just testing them out. Opera. Spell out the rules of the game in this conveniently referenced forum post.

Edit: yeah ok - sorry bout that, won't do it again.

It almost makes up for how crap the season's been.
I almost peed my pants.
I'm hoarse from laughing so much.
My neighbours think a horse just moved in next door.
I had to pause it to keep from soiling the bed.
I laughed so hard I now have a headache.
I'm still chuckling as I write this.
I can't actually remember any of the funny lines.
I was sure before I checked, that it was written by the show's creators.
I tried to write a funny post that went down like a lead balloon.

Okay, that didn't come out quite as amusing as I thought it would, but trust me, it was fucking hilarious.

I can't believe though, that Janel Maloney is starring in the Amber Frey biopic, and that David Morissey is going to be in Basic Instinct 2.

Must say, still really liking the softly credits. And obviously this is me speaking from my huge backlog of experience, but it seems to be getting very recognisably Bochco-like.

Stoned Immaculate. West Wing is best when you've already finished most of a bottle of Bordeaux while waiting hungrily for delivery to arrive.

Chase downing the wine was pretty genius. And was squealing all the way through the Cameron bits. I can't get over how much I like the series, how this story arc in particular seems to have been infused with a sense of urgency and direction.

In that strange confluence of events, this episode had Missy Crider, who is Sharon Rooney from Murder One, but also was in Girls In Prison, which I watched because of Ione Skye appearing in Arrested Development. Girls in Prison is very much what convinced me of the queer genre in this stilted style is how it styles itself - along with Psycho Beach Party. PBP I now realise is very much a plot rip/homage of Gidget, which I was watching because of Beyond the Sea. Sandra Dee is remarkably like both Kate Bosworth and Lauren Ambrose. Lauren Ambrose in particular seems the red-headed self actualisation of the being-Dee. Remarkably salacious film for that era of "innocense".

Of course like all aetiological narratives, the attractive bits are rounded off by the return to order, or how the lady got her skirts or whatever. The whole confluence of narratives is particularly appealing to me - I think Girls in Prison stands out, if only for the very Lynch-esque song and Missy Crider's similarly-esque singing (speaking of which she was in Mulholland Drive). You already know about me and House, Gidget is something of a revelation, though probably mostly so because of the antecedents. Nice to see Missy Crider getting work.

University Challenge Totty

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They're no longer selling Diet Vanilla Coke at the Cold Storage at Bugis - it's a sign I tell you. Woman on University Challenge from the one women's college in Oxford is such hottie. Name of Kane from Glasgow, sort of Jennifer Connelly like, less long faced. I'm in the wrong band. I don't think she even buzzed in for a starter once, the daft cow. She provided really about one answer for the bonuses that I could tell. Totty.

Louis cleaned his floor, showered, and changed his sheets. What's wrong with me?


This is her wide-eyed and surprised - otherwise she looked a bit sleepy.

I don't really have that much to say about it, but it's produced some serious quality television. Even if only Smoking Room and Shameless, it'd be worth it. Ideal wasn't bad, and I'd have though Peep Show is from there as well. According to Bex was a bit silly, but quantity is a virtue, especially when the quality isn't quite as bad or as mawkish as other national televisions. Of course a number of these were cross pollinated to terrestrial, but overall, they seem very much engendered by the desire for digital movement. Am I wrong, or is 3 comedy and 4 drama? Whatever the case, I don't quite see the same volume or quality from any of the other channels. And they do draw from an - admittedly small and incestuous - but nicely talented bunch.

And so Grey's Anatomy can actually be better, I assume once they get a bit further away from the stilted fuckers who actually concieved the series - much like Dead Like Me, which I think back on fondly now it's gone. Aptly because Mason appears in the episode, looking skeezier(?) than usual. But why oh why why why, does it have to resolve in such a trite, achingly middle-brow, "emotionally instructive" and upbeat manner? Masturbation is usually done alone for a reason.

And why did they have to make the pretty blonde one the most sentimental chest clasping one? Such a waste of Katherine Heigl doing well. Sandra Oh is doing better with me though. Many many signs pointing to how it might get better, especially them moving in to the house, probably the most enjoyable portion of the episode. I just hope it doesn't take on too much from its lead-in. Apparently Boston Legal got elbowed in favour of further pimping the series. The will-they won't they thing isn't awful, neither was Mason planting one.

L Word was pretty sweet this week, and Jenny looks better in the short hair, brings out the shape of her face - which is my way of saying it makes her look chunkier - in the good way.

I'm sure I appreciate PopWorld too much. Miquita I'm sure I find alluring in that very totty way. I really need to find a game that's worth playing. Tarty has a bunch of pictures of Miquita. Very shapely thighs, is what I'm saying. Very flattering top here. A good example of how attractive heft can be. Overall I must say it's my favorite pop show on UK tv - they do much better live performances, even if they do rely that much on the washed out look; and they do nice nonsense interviews. Fun Shirley and Bjork.

I realise they (not Popworld) like to use the word cack - presumably since they can't say shit. But Concrete Cow is really rather good - especially with the very fine players from Smoking Room/Peepshow. I got it off UKNova - I find the idea of linking there a bit Pyrrhic, since unless you have a user account, you're up the creek; and if you did, you should understand what the search function is for, and be actively using their really rather innovative RSS feed.

And by the way, a bunch of definitions of G - as in, I assume, 'you ain't no G'.

Edit: It should surprise no one that this post is suddenly very high in the search results for the phrase "miquita oliver" - it's the most searched for unique phrase in my stats, and I'm on the first page of results for Yahoo. But if you want pictures, I recommend Tarty Doris from above, and if you want to download PopWorld to ogle, you'll have to get to UKNova when they're open for new members, otherwise you're out of luck.

Upon a Thread

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And so the mania never goes away, the crushing anxiety, the confused blinded panic, the twitch of summary anger.

Maybe Baby was absolute trash. It's not that Hugh Laurie isn't funny, or Joely Richardson isn't in need of Poliakoff to make her interesting - it's just absolutely fucking dire. Made me want to chuck things at the tv. Gives self-reflexive writing a bad name and uses the thing within the thing thing like he *wants* to make me strangle him. Matthew Macfadyen wasn't awful.

The trailer for Melinda and Melinda is absolutely awful, and Will Ferrell is particularly retch-inducing. It doesn't even look funny.

And how were the cast of Virtual Sexuality ever supposed to have played teenagers? I still can't believe she was Door.

And not that Jessica Alba doesn't look nice in it, but FF looks really fucking awful.

The Tribe

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What is it that Poliakoff does, that shrouds his actors in this swathe of gravitas - he just seems able to bring out of them what he does. Anna Friel makes me feel funny in my pants - and she's more successful than I ever thought her capable of. And Jeremy Northam seems to be yet another projection of the director. Joely Richardson I think I'm most surprised by, in many ways this is her Igby Goes Down, though I can't say I've seen enough of her to hate her like Jeff Goldblum. Anna Friel will have me looking out for her in GBH, and the coincidence of her being in a film called Perfect Strangers. And I'm getting Virtual Sexuality, which is probably where the ass who spoilt Spooks is so familiar from - which also has Laura Fraser, who - oh my god - was Door in Neverwhere: now available on DVD.

That's what season 2 Scrubs is for. Colin Hay at the beginning of the season premiere, My Overkill. I'll say again that Scrubs uses music, in not the most subtly, the most effectively of the series I see on TV. It's really not series, like most, where you dread the dreariness that is their montage sequences to music. I got his album - I surmised that a good amount of it appeared during the season. Colin Hay - Man At Work.rar

I've lost steam, but the Troubadour (a different one) appears rather prominently in Gilmore Girls, and particularly deliciously with Mr. Rosso from Freaks and Geeks. Music similarly of great importance, but more in the reference than in the use. Good theme tune though.

Yeah, okay, they really decided to run with the whole thing of Jenny (Mia Kirsher) being likable this season, no longer the one you want to strangle - and not in the fun way. They also manage to dress her very fetchingly, luvvie without being annoying. I think I keep using lesbians in my titles in a rather untoward manner, but well. Jenny and new girl do well together. I wonder what's the whole thing with controlling lesbians, especially those with lots of financial and emotional power.

iheartmonkeys monkeysgotufty mebiting biffing

Oh my god it's Ione Skye!!! not to mention Alan Tudyk! Yay for the cameos, pity about the show. And yes, quite rightly she's such a hottie - for people who don't know, she was the object of desire in Say Anything, which I'm sure destroyed her career. I hope there's much more of her soon, and not on crap shows. She really is heartbreaking, and more fragile with age. I feel like such a camp admirer. Not much of a part for Alan Tudyk, but sort of fun.

More and more lame Sketch Show is - honestly hasn't been much good since the pilot - surely they can't have run out of ideas that fast. The women do much better than the men.

But if you need a fantastic show to watch, and think smokers are people too, you haven't experienced the best that BBC digital has to offer, which is Smoking Room. I've only seen it on UKNova, and the rips aren't phenomenal, but it's a fantastic series, and you'd be a fool not to see it. Has the arsey guy from Peep Show, doing a much better version of himself in this one. Nicely written, and makes me want to smoke so bad. The players in these series really do seem rather incestuous, I suppose it's more understandable living it. Pity the pilot featuring someone from Smoking Room is the worst of the lot. I hope they upload the Christmas Special eventually.

Oh my god, I never quite realised that Ione Skye used to be married to a Beastie Boy! And I suppose she was sort of working steadily, if not prominently.

Okay, to be fair, I really like Katherine Heigl, she's just so much more expressive and attractive than the rest of the cast - and funny guy similarly has a lot of potential. But oh my fucking god the fucking drama. At least the first part of the pilot was funny. I was already going to say, that having watched Scrubs season 2 again, that the medical drama side of things, the specifics of this fictionalised diegesis of medicine - as much as hobbits and Jedi - can so easily end up being a self-diddling indulgence. As if masturbation isn't repetitive enough.

The problem with Grey's is that fine, it also tries to move beyond the medical (/fantastic), but that portion of it really isn't any good either. Compound that with the dreadful drama and politics of cine, and you get me stabbing myself like it's fun. And so much of the cast are annoying as fuck - especially the main character. Casting directors or whoever, invest far too much worth in "interesting" looking people. It's the disease of peroxo-boy and what made me underestimate Rena Sofer.

It's so telling that the most fun bit was probably funny guy and Katherine Heigl getting their rejoice on. And the non-core cast of drama are really very bored now. Oh and the writing is positively dreadful - what would be really scary is if whoever wrote it actually thought it was sincere, and if it is, oh my the scary. I'm a writer now, I get to say it - they should be shot. I'm not saying I'm going to stop watching it, but they're going to have to seriously shape up, and find some way to make it as much about surgery as Charlies Angels was about Law Enforcement.

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