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This is my site, and it runs Movable Type.

I used to have other sites. The one before this was at newblog.fallingbeam.org/blog/, the one before that was at http://blog.fallingbeam.org/blog/index.html, the one before that was at subtitles.blogspot.com.

I restarted this whole thing really once I finished my MFA, just like I started my first site after I finished my undergrad. Cheerful, huh?

Web Hosting By ICDSoft.comThis site is hosted by ICDSoft. I've used them for years now and I must say that they offer pretty good service (online support 24/7). Anything that's really gone wrong with anything on my sites have been mostly due to me rather than them. If you sign up with them, I also get affiliate payments. I can also technically resell their services to you.

A personal account is $65 a year (around that), and you can set up all kinds of stuff, including Movable Type, as I have done. I've also run a forum on here, a Bittorrent tracker, used it to host images, videos, files etc. Above is the least ugly (also one of the only non-animated) banners you can click on.

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