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Fuck me that was a lot of trackback spam. I really don't want to, but apparently circumstances beyond my control dictate it. At some point I might even move up to 3.2. But then I'd have to figure things out again, back things up. So yes, Motherfuckers.

With the upcoming release of MT 3.2, I get that itchy sensation again that I might like to move to using a MySQL backend. I have no doubt it would be no end of painful, but the twinge is there.

And so the experiment of prominent front page ads ends. It seems people who come here (usually the goggle freaks, I suspect), tend to click on the ads that are on the individual post pages rather than anything else.

I always suspect I should sub-categorise, but the more I think of it, there's plenty to be happy about with huge archive pages - I've always found that to be the most useful view for rifling through a new bog you've found. Part of the many reasons I still haven't moved to WordPress. Sure MT could do a better job of allowing you to edit posts from the post view, and could do a better job of ordering and listing archives, but for all its faults, it's still quite pleasing. And I can play with WordPress elsewhere.

Oh, and with the advent of .htaccess, or at least my discover of it, I can tell the referrer spammers to go suck my kiss. Some drama with ICDsoft, but nothing that I'd expect not to find anywhere else - and. I'm still a bit obsessive about my forum spam, but at least I'm letting go of those who don't go out of their way to authorise themselves, and only swatting the rest - like my trackback swarms, which I'll get around to addressing some day.

In the perpetual ping-pong that is Louis' penchant for switching search engines, I'm back to using MSN - especially since Grypen's filters now block their ads as well.

I wonder if WMich has good classes on php and MySQL. Speaking of which I really need to have words with them about the browser sniffing on their portal.

3.17 - MT-Notifier

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I always feel silly doing this, but I've done the upgrade to 3.17, for whatever reason. Followed these instructions. NoFollow still doesn't seem to work, but I'm not really concerned, presumably it won't affect anything. I hope to install the notifier when I work up the nerve.

Ok, found the nerve, and installed MT-Notifier. You can now subscribe to my comments and be notified when someone else posts. I can't for the life of me quite figure out how it all works, but if it gets annoying, just tell me and tweaking will occur. The check box is with the typekey comments box, and only there, since I can't be bothered to try again to fix the preview template. I'm assured that everything is very easily opt-out, so if you complain I will just mock you.

I've set it now that you're only notified of new comments, since RSS feeds are there for a reason. You will, however, be notified if the post is modified/changed/saved again.

Who's a clever monkey? The wonderful tutorial is here. The source/files are here. Not even as difficult as installing say Movable Type, though I did get a number of things messed up. The database stuff was pretty confusing, since my ISP sets things up so that things are much simpler than they represent.

But yes, voila, Currently the only thing I'm seeding is Dion's Nikon Booth Babes, but all are welcome to it. It's a registration only tracker, so deal with it. For this, I only provide telephone support, my typing can't handle it otherwise - but it's simple, just sign up and things should just work out.

SpelChek added

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Just because it seems that it's come to be expected, or at least common with things like forums etc., it seemed like a good idea to slot a spelling check facility, which is now voguishly supplied by I suppose I might add it to the forum as well, especially since it come bundled along with easymod, but we'll see. It's ad supported, but I haven't seen anything which says to me that it'll cause trouble. If you use proxomitron, you'll want to add to your bypass list. I'm sure there's a more elegant way, but bypass is just easy.

Oh, and because my typing some times slips up. Fun fun fun.

Gah. I mean at least now I know how it's done, but it was pretty annoying. Make sure to run the install directory each time to update database etc. even with the patch file. Of course it's all me doing it for a lark, but it can get hair-ily annoying at times. And figured out that always turning on Gzip compression is a very good thing. Have a ways to go yet as server maven, but steps are alway fun. God damn it why can't planet just work. Forum, as always, is at

Shall resolve to set up a server some time to fiddle with.

I just find it a bit annoying having to write about Opera Blogs as a subsection of the MyOpera Community forum. Sure it'll get seen more, but blah. So: The Unofficial Opera Blogs Forum.

My new RSS feed for the forums is up - easiest mod *ever*. Pretty RSS icon doesn't show up in the address bar, but that's because I haven't a clue how to edit my headers. But now I do, thanks to this. The actual feed url is Oh, and now non-active users no longer show up on my userlist, so the spam bastards can bite me. I also trimmed my users, I've deleted everyone who had zero posts.

I finally got off my ass and updated everything and got rid of all the spam I know about - the guys who pwned me for a bit were sneakier than I thought. Anyway, I know I'm a poor cousin compared to MyOpera, but I don't think they have a specific place to talk about Opera Blogs, or about Optool, so since I already have a forum, I thought I'd make it available. It's accessable via, or just go straight to the Opera forum, or the Optool forum.

Forum Funtime

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I've finally gotten around to updating PhpBB, so it's now at 2.0.14, which is the latest. I also installed a mod (pretty easy) that allows me to view users and delete the fuckers who were using me to spam. I won't enable admin approval for new users unless things get out of hand again. The downloads folder is gone.

The Optool bits are just me jumping the gun, trying to show Martin what he could have. The testing forum is hidden and private, for testers only. It's also very easy to delete, so...

Otherwise, fora are open again, though now with comments, they become a bit less central. Whatever, they're there.

emma.jpgIsn't Emma Watson lovely? You can find more pictures, as well as more recent ones, at Yahoo, though this is the most fetching of the recent ones.

Special Hell pah. I'm basically doing this to use my newfound powers of aligning pictures so text can flow around it. I'd always wondered how, but it's so easy I could spit.

I should take this chance to point out that the recent innovations on the site are due to me realising moving to WordPress might be more annoying than I'd think, and porting some of what attracted me to WordPress back into MT. Not bad if I do say so myself. I'm particularly happy with the framing of the pictures (stolen, actually, from and the new blockquote styling.

emma2.jpgThe archive link (also under Archives on the sidebar) isn't as cool as WordPress', but more useful than some. Oh, and posts now announce which category they belong to. And after all, viewing long category pages is better than having to click-trawl.

Yeah, the problem with the picture then is that there has to be enough text to flow around it, even at 1280 and above, if not it looks unsightly with the picture peeking out the bottom past the margin.

A Thousand Oceans.

Oh, I could be mistaken, but it looks as if MessageCast, where you can get updates from this site via MSN Messenger, has gotten rid of its awful frames. Every reason to use it now then.

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