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I always feel silly doing this, but I've done the upgrade to 3.17, for whatever reason. Followed these instructions. NoFollow still doesn't seem to work, but I'm not really concerned, presumably it won't affect anything. I hope to install the notifier when I work up the nerve.

Ok, found the nerve, and installed MT-Notifier. You can now subscribe to my comments and be notified when someone else posts. I can't for the life of me quite figure out how it all works, but if it gets annoying, just tell me and tweaking will occur. The check box is with the typekey comments box, and only there, since I can't be bothered to try again to fix the preview template. I'm assured that everything is very easily opt-out, so if you complain I will just mock you.

I've set it now that you're only notified of new comments, since RSS feeds are there for a reason. You will, however, be notified if the post is modified/changed/saved again.


Awesome! By the way, LJ only notify you when there is a reply to your comment, which is probably less verbose. Unfortunately, it also does not provide notification when the post is updated..

Well, I figure that most of my spelling and grammar changes occur when the post is first posted, within hours or so, but certain posts, like my articles etc. which I edit every once in a while, are actually useful to be subscribed to.

What I'm terrified of is that this thing notifies of *every* comment that's posted, whether it's a reply or not, which might be quite silly. Though I suppose you can unsubscribe and re-subscribe, but we'll see. It might mean that my subscribers start getting a bunch of comment spam notifications :P.

That'd be ideal. Having two subscription buttons, the first for edits and replies to comment, and the second for other comments. Otherwise it's as bad as a mailing list!

Was about to ask before I post the first comment if you can set the notification system to be less verbose, but for some reason I forgot to write it.

Hey there— how did you get MT-Notifier to work. I've had almost no luck, although I'm installing it correctly, I think. And I sure can't seem to get the checkboxes to work.

Yup, I did get Notifier to work - in fact I was notified of your reply. Does the check box not show up, or is it not checked by default? They leave it off by default, you have to tweak the code a bit to get it to work - as simple as something = true I think.

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