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Lovely having a blog to


Lovely having a blog to post links to download.

Wish I had some Soundgarden


Wish I had some Soundgarden with me now.

Oh, my switch is turning out rather well, even though my notebook only has one ps/2 port. It's a bit sqeezy using a USB to PS/2 adaptor on the switch itself, but it works, so who's to complain. I wonder if the Belkin will be able to handle the adaptor. Well, I probably won't have to find out till I get *another* computer, or I get a job... :).

It's so nice writing to


It's so nice writing to Cari again.

Going back to York on Tuesday - don't worry, Mahjong will numb the pain. Planning to go for the Computing Service classes when I go back, always wanted to learn how to code by hand - and they seems to be teaching how to do nice standards compliant stuff - things like CSS and impressive things like that. Also really need to get to grips with Excel and Access, so hopefully it's a godsend.

Went to the most fantastic Sushi place for dinner, which I've been to before, but regardless it's absolutely sublime. It's called Kamehachi here in Chicago, and this branch has a special called the North Brook roll which is to die for. The Dragon Roll is also unbelievable.

Oh my Supergrass is lovely, doing a nice job of drowning out the French idiots below who think 2 o'clock is fun party time for everyone. Trust me, I'm not someone who's easily annoyed by these things, I lived under Spong's sub-woofer for 2 years, but this is pissing me off. My lovely logitech speakers are nice and directional, so actually once I step out from my little nook, the noise from them isn't too bad.

Hope I get to see PJ Harvey in London - hope the rest of the people get off their ass as well and get tickets.

Poke me with a fork.


Poke me with a fork.

Just when I thought I could shut the fuck up and leave things be, Alvin's got to send me an e-mail saying he's read this stuff. *sigh*.

I'm not even going to try to catch up on what's been going on, can't be bothered.


I'm done, woo hoo.


I'm done, woo hoo.

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