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I *hate* freedom.

Public Dialogue


It's nice to be putting words together again, particularly pleasing that it is in a public dialogue.

In case you don't get it, new Opera Beta = Louis goes back to posting on the MyOpera forums :D.

Opera 7.5 Preview 1


Louis has calmed down now enough to encourage you to have a look at the brand spanking new Preview of Opera 7.5. My Opera seems to be swamped at the moment, but it should be fine soon enough.

Be warned though you should read the warnings in the thread and install in a different directory for testing, and not install over the existing Opera install.

The UI is even more customisable now - and it now supports XP style skinning. Also changes to hotlist - now panels. More detailed changelog in the forum thread.

Firefly and Klipfolio


It irks me that more people don't use Klipfolio, and that there's not more activity on the forum, so here's a plug for you - Klipfolio is absolutely lovely. It lets you view at a glance all the newest headlines from your favorite sites, as well as showing you the weather and a bunch of other useful things. And you can find my very own klip for this blog here. I suppose the lack of forum participation is also a function of ease of use and lack of problems, other than my pet bug.

Anyone who wants me to ship the Firefly DVD to them from here in the states just drop me a line. It is the one thing that I promise not to gripe about people asking me for. Details we can work out, but more people must buy and watch Firefly - if it were running for president it would get my unambiguous endorsement. Email link's on the main site, on the right.

What's Happening To Me


Mike managed to fix my chair arms; it doesn't wobble anymore. I hope my Palm OS upgrade arrives today or I'm gonna have a cow. My keyboard is too nice for that. Why have I been finding the Economist so very racially problematic recently? That despite a rather good article on punctuation.

Steel Tariffs


Why are people praising Bush for doing something when what he really did was raise steel tariffs when it was politically expedient for him to do so, and then now lower them when it's expedient to do that? Two words, flip-flop.

It's so much like an episode of Yes, Minister, it's not even funny. If anything, he's simply backing down from a decision he knew he'd eventually have to back down from anyway. What's even more frustrating is that the Democrats, instead of saying that, are saying the easy thing and coddling the steel workers.

They should find a bridge and throw money off it, like they're doing with agriculture, like the EU is doing with the CAP. Wrong wrong wrong.

Can no one else see that Bush is tickling the Midwest by basically having done nothing? Talk about zero-sum. Spin spin spin.

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