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I don't think I've ever been offended by the first couple of frames of a show's theme - much less started an entry being supremely annoyed by it before the end of said theme. The words fuck and me come to mind. I feel like I should be Toby right now.



Huh, I don't know where they've been all my life, but now I'm starting to understand what the Manic Street Preachers were. Game On doesn't lie.

Just got the pilot for Freaks and Geeks, and Linda Cardellini does really really well. Not to mention that it gives me a much better understanding of James Franco's appeal. Dawson's Creek really did a disservice to Busy Philips, and yay for geeky slayerette.

Mad Skilz


Part of me really dislikes the image of myself that came to being when I started running. It's just too much an accomodation.

It's not quite the right shade of blue, but it's actually solid and not flimsy plastic, so it's a good seat - all are welcome to come and gaze in wonder at mad skilz.

I suppose consumer advocacy is more what I want to do, rather than simply commercial consultation.

And it's lovely to have a full 256 of upload to complement the 3000 downstream - I recommend it to anybody. 1500 is for chumps (yes, this means you).

And to think that the place is actually clean - not perhaps in spite, but independant like Hedda Gabbler.

I suspect I'll succumb to my spending instincts by the time I talk to Leong - dual-layer is too far away for me to wait like that, and anyway it should be affordable before I jump. And hopefully they don't run out of Ritek so soon.

In the Zone


There really is a certain poetry about Anna Paquin - the wispy album cover kind. DJ boyfriend indeed. I suppose it wouldn't be me if I didn't complain how the development of Fly Away Home really lets down the really lyrical evocative beginning. I mean but she really is beyond being good for a child actor. There's something about this particular film that just allows her to be the focus, it's not the importance of the Piano, and it's not the shrift of X-Men - it can really be a film that has her in it. It's a certain kind of breathtaking.

The impression of things being wrong isn't and shouldn't be cause for anything. In envisaging a more open society, I can't think of anything that annoys me more than the advent of rabidly adversarial sniping. I'd like to ask myself though, what I'm to do with the fact that people take advantage, and that calls to responsibility are probably more regressive than I'd give them credit for.

I can't believe that a single party is the product of the fact that there is only a single issue. Though to be sure, there probably is only one broad vision that is most congruent with momentum - and that should be a matter of education rather than the debate of the ignorant.

That said, political lineages are much less subject to scrutiny when there are aggressive and legitimate elections where someone else can actually win. Sonia Gandhi and genuine surprise are probably too much to ask for. Regardless, people are just more complicated than all that in person (hopefully) anyway.

And because ideologies should not be forced on anyone, money is the best reason - who wants to join my libertarian party?

Obviously the Economist just doesn't want to be anything other than clear about their opinion - but making it snarky just makes it seem all too personal - the principles they state are as like universally acknowledged truths, and they know how not to sound preachy. It is simple, when there is no Glasnost, you put the principles of Perestroika at risk despite the seems. Repeat after me - no shirt, no shoes, no dice - there are many roads to socialism.

You'd hope that when it's so flagrantly obvious that it looks like rubber that the rubber/not is not the issue. What should be the cause for national reflection is why the song and dance has to take place - the performance of legitimacy and the thing itself are not necessarily congruent. Mistaking that the hopscotching deftness is as good as, or is, the legitimacy, is the most damaging thing when there are no checks and balances.

When you can actually touch the surface to scratch it, then maybe you'll know when you're seeing the real thing. If it's right then it just is - all the flapping and tickling just makes the seems more seem. Similarly if it's wrong then it should be able to not happen, pretending otherwise is that other kind of momentum, and it's not always just farce.

But perhaps West Wing has taught me nothing? Perhaps posturing is par for the course? But you have a better chance of saying the right thing, emanating the right thing, when you are the real deal, yes/no?

Anyway, now I can feel justified in pointing you to the only place I really get news from about where I am. Take a wild guess.

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