Mad Skilz


Part of me really dislikes the image of myself that came to being when I started running. It's just too much an accomodation.

It's not quite the right shade of blue, but it's actually solid and not flimsy plastic, so it's a good seat - all are welcome to come and gaze in wonder at mad skilz.

I suppose consumer advocacy is more what I want to do, rather than simply commercial consultation.

And it's lovely to have a full 256 of upload to complement the 3000 downstream - I recommend it to anybody. 1500 is for chumps (yes, this means you).

And to think that the place is actually clean - not perhaps in spite, but independant like Hedda Gabbler.

I suspect I'll succumb to my spending instincts by the time I talk to Leong - dual-layer is too far away for me to wait like that, and anyway it should be affordable before I jump. And hopefully they don't run out of Ritek so soon.

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