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Somehow it seems that the Economist is the one that is able to write about industry and commerce with that kind of excitement and unseemly desire. And yet they do so by telling stories, creating manifestation - the narrative of sucess. You succeed by having followed the tenets, you fail by having not, or by not being aware of the tenets then; when things change, change your mind. It's just typical that the aspirational tone of it, and the mode in which it is presented, would be the way to make it sound like they were writing about there being no help or pity.

I Have Lava in my Smurf-Crease


It's always sad when a series you like gets cancelled. Thankfully rips are now pretty much readily available of Grounded For Life.

Just a note to people, could you bring me back my stuff? It's not that I really need it back, but I'm beginning to forget what I've lent out, and I should try and get it back.

These would include Sports Night, any more sets of keys, Robotech, my magnetic card for the main door, Jenna Haze, probably Dead Ringers? Well, basically if you have it bring it back, you know, whenever.

Louis bought a TV!!


Louis bought a TV!!

Not bad for $130, 29 inch, Panasonic, about 5 years old, including them delivering it to me :D. 2 S-Video inputs, one for DVD, another for my comp - perfect. They said they'd deliver tomorrow night.

Do Laundry


Remember Info.txt in mail. Copy over Outlook files, clean install Acer, install phoneconnector (software first), test skype, get beta of ABC, ask about new features, rip Murder One, rip K Street, laundry, go through mail, install kingston software, clean install klipfolio.

Bridge on Saturday. Buy beer. Buy CDRs. Ramones. Try file transfer with Winrar corp.

No Heavy Lifting


Writing suddenly seems to have become incumbent on me drinking, which is always a good sign. I think I've decided that general culling is going be better than obsessive arranging, at least this time round. Stout tastes funny.

I got my reality distorted again. Widgets look nice, but thinking of Opera and Klipfolio, those all seem less and less impressive. And when he goes on about digital music it makes me want to hit things.

You See, It's a Two Part Plan


First you show up. Then you see what happens.



Watching it brings me to a number of conclusions. I feel the sudden urge to react strongly against Todd Haynes. His politics is more middle-brow than I'd think imaginable - the term "the robots are going to eat us" springs to mind - or my new favorite, a capitalist version of a tin foil hat. Boo hoo, commercial representation, blah blah, oh marxist me. Twat. A large portion of why the film might be thought of as compelling would be due to the music, which is rather lovely. It was pointed out to me one of Haynes' contradictions in the film, that fame and celebrity, more importantly media-ness, come under some kind of limp flailing, when there's this almost fetishistic interest in the persona of a figure that would be iconic for so many reasons. ie he is politically and socially conscious/sentient (barely), but he still loves the trappings of Karen Carpenter. But she does sound like Aimee Mann. And as far as I know, image, or the perpetuation of image, is supposed to have a lot less to do with it than familial control. I refer you to my second chapter. I'd provide a link to the site where you can get it as a direct download, but the rest of the site is annoying beyond words. If he's still going on in the same way, he's that particular kind of rabid. The rabid that eats itself.



And so it seems a bit fun to just treat writing here (avoiding the B word) as a way of staving off desperation - the boring kind. Bunch of things that are slipping away, but whatever. Rachel Ray is on, and it is so much like porn, it's almost not funny.

I've always sort of liked making lists here, so DiscHub, another spindle of 50 Taiyo Yuden, the compact fluorecent bulbs, new thumbdrive, think about the new hitachi drive.

Writing here makes it clear that it's not a new medium, simply another interface - it doesn't seem to fundamentally change the experience. Links I suppose (the pictures could have been clipped in), but...

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