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The Invisible Hand


This is pretty close to what I'm going to submit to Universities. It's an introduction and 3 chapters. Download in pdf here. Oh yeah, and thanks for the unmitigated deluge of volunteers the last time, I really *felt* the love.

Edit: Theres a newer, nicer formatted and spell-check version you can get here. I can't remember, but I don't think there are any huge substantive changes, it just looks nicer.

Edit: By the way, this is *really* old draft - the latest one is here.

So *that's* what Kad's good for


Louis obviously feels a bit silly now, but after much annoyance in dealing with server connections on ed2k with eMule, I've moved over to only using Kad, and oh my it's a nice feeling. No more LowID, no more servers disconnecting, no more check to make sure I don't connect to naughty servers.

It felt as if the ramping of servers went that bit faster, though speeds aren't quite topping out as they're used to, but it's only been up for about 3 hours? I just wonder why when you use both ed2k and Kad, that if ed2k fucks up Kad doesn't pick up the slack. Anyway, Kad's the future. Yay Kad.

I Can't Believe I'm Watching WetBoy


Ooh, look at me, I'm so wet, what could I do to become even more wet? Oh look, we're women, lets have drama drama drama. You love me, I know it.

Oh my god, the much much of *drama*.

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