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Pleasureland was particularly good - I'm always a bit stuck in saying nice things, and doing other than stating the opinion, the expansion on which is not empirical, or I suppose I mean consititutive. I'm not surprised it won the awards it did, it really is that good. Katie Lyons looks fantastically like Anna Paquin, which helps. I'm just surprised there hasn't been more from the various players. Jane Featherstone seems to have been the hand slid up a number of things.

You can have a look at Pleasureland mentioned on the Kudos site - Kudos is the production company that did Spooks. I'm really quite unable to get over how much I was, and am, drawn to the film now. Perhaps more so than The Tribe, since I've seen as much of Poliakoff before. Makes me wonder if I should have a look at him, especially with Clocking Off and then North and South - perhaps his short. I get the feeling he does well with young children. Makes you remember that what is wrong is not the thing, but the asshole doing it.

Apparently the venerably institutionalised, jingoistic, navel-gazing press release that is the Straits Times has decided that it could no longer stand the scrutiny of a public audience, just as the government it pimps for can't stand the scrutiny of an un-gerrymandered and properly multi-party election. So from now on you're going to have to pay to read bad writing, wire copy, dick-headed windbags, whiny forum cock-heads, and the gaping abyss that is Life. So if you want to lose the will to live...

I got the story from the Inq.

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And so there are just moments when the thought of writing makes you sick. Well not so much sick as it just feels woefully and prostrately inadequate. It seems so much of an indulgence, so much of a pretension, a pose, a clever-dickness about it all. And if it were only that whatever it is you burn. I really can't remember when I last felt quite so,.

I don't know it I'm just wanting something more raw, that clever avoidance no longer works, but when I think of the cringing, it makes me already want to rewrite certain bits.

If only people would realise this and have dinner with me.

Dean for America


It occurs to me that the polarisation of politics in America, which the Economist attributes to the need by candidates to pander to their more extreme/fanatical supporters, a product of decades of gerrymandering, affects the Democrats as much if not more than the Republicans.

Which is why Dean seems to eager to talk trash about free trade and international labour policies, because of how important the unions are to the Democrats. Which is why all his talk about immigration is focused on groups that are affiliated to the voting public - Hispanic immigration being the only thing he talks about under his umbrella of "immigration".

But oh my is he talking exciting talk nonetheless - in many cases really just talking the right talk.

Liz Phair and Bitching


I find I'm really quite smitten with Liz Phair, particularly her new single, "Why Can't I". It's curious that I have to describe it to Clarissa as "embarassing chick rock", when despite it's ostensible simplicity it's actually quite a grand piece of writing (no I'm not tight). Fantastic hook as well. monkey loves the intro. And yes she is preternaturally like a kind of Dorian Grey (I've still not read it :P, Wilde sounds pretty damn annoying) - which is my way of saying she's pretty damn hot. Check out of a couple of tracks here if you're registered in my forums. has her latest video.

Shall bitch a bit more at people who I post songs for and don't come to download them (that means Peishan and Clarissa by the way - yes you.). Bitch bitch bitch. Bitch. Bitch bitch.

Quite touched by Su-Lin following my website enough to tell her sister about the Flitcraft Parable, and posting about it in my forums.

If I don't reply to posts in the forums its purely because I don't want people to at first glance think I'm the only person who posts there (though that's partially true, have a look at this).

I shall find something suitably funny to post in the Lounge section, and post a couple more download links (you have to register to see these).

Speaking of which, Clarissa has not come to download my lovingly uploaded Pixies songs :P. Despite my conscientiously passing her explicit links as to how to get them. And the Pixies are such gods anyway. And she's going to watch Igby Goes Down from Kazaa rather than waiting for my nicely proffered DVD copy (I just got the original yesterday). Piak piak. For Gilmore Girls no less. Clarissa can come and flame me here.

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