Lovely Su-Lin, and Naughty Clarissa


Quite touched by Su-Lin following my website enough to tell her sister about the Flitcraft Parable, and posting about it in my forums.

If I don't reply to posts in the forums its purely because I don't want people to at first glance think I'm the only person who posts there (though that's partially true, have a look at this).

I shall find something suitably funny to post in the Lounge section, and post a couple more download links (you have to register to see these).

Speaking of which, Clarissa has not come to download my lovingly uploaded Pixies songs :P. Despite my conscientiously passing her explicit links as to how to get them. And the Pixies are such gods anyway. And she's going to watch Igby Goes Down from Kazaa rather than waiting for my nicely proffered DVD copy (I just got the original yesterday). Piak piak. For Gilmore Girls no less. Clarissa can come and flame me here.

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