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Mia Kirshner really is rather lovely, and does certain things pretty well, but really, you have to wonder if she chooses the simpery pretentious roles or they choose her. It's probably not a surprise I'd probably like her best as she was in 24, but that's a bit wrong. But Sarah Bernhard's probably very right in complaining about how annoying she is - I think she was on Graham Norton at the time.

But I guess this season answers my question about lesbian camp then. Sarah Bernhard seems to just have been given a silly role. This is probably the first writing montage sequence that hasn't had be hurling. Wouldn't everyone want to be as pretty and vulnerable as Mia Kirshner?

Laurel Holloman still looks good acting pregnant. So this must be what Michael Holden wass doing while Battlestar was on hiatus. This is me having resolved to wait till the end of an episode before I post. I can't believe that they are doing a rotating table perspective shot - self-stabbing ensues. But it's not bad drama by any means. Oh well, at least Lap Dance is an apt enough title.

Damn, looks like I'm going to have to keep watching this season. Very sweet.

I'm now wondering if the Abby kidnap episode of ER isn't based on something, because the same(ish) storyline is occuring in Boomtown.

They must have wanted paramedic woman on 24 because they knew she could do the duress thing. She's *so* much less annoying on Boomtown though - she isn't the mugsiest one on the show right now, but now that mugsy's gone, she's definitely climbing the charts.

One thing I'll say about Boomtown, at least it isn't shy about the scale to which it aspires. It's really not as awful as it was trailed. Again, it probably appeals to me because it's parabolic. I'm wondering at my ambivalence towards the plain-spoken people in the series, just as I wonder at my ambivalence towards the hushed individuals. But the reporter is stunningly pretty I think, and Neil whatever is more palatable in small doses. Jason Gedrick I rather appreciate - he really carries his careworn look with a very conscientious gravitas. The 24 girl does her best to be appealing.

I'd link to the DVD, but they don't include the season 2 episodes. Hence you will be pointed here. If you want more Jason Gedrick, you know where to go.

I think it's the evocation of landscape from the pilot that's stuck with me, and again the parables that Fearless seems to be so much a party to.


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I actually have all of these, though I bought the Cold Feet individually. So yes, Spooks Season 1 and Season 2, then Cold Feet the Complete Series - all 5 seasons. The Murder One here is the entire Series, seasons 1 and 2. At the moment, only Season 1 is available in the US.

cover cover cover cover

Susanna Thompson (Karen Sammler) from Once and Again is on (of all things) Medical Investigation!! She pulls off the whole politicking boss thing rather well - more borg queen than Eli's mom, but really rather worth watching, in a series that is only barely so. Particularly rewarding is the chemistry with Eva (Anna Belknap), doing the whole "we both understand PR" bit.

I'm not quite sure why Sabrina Lloyd was so fetching this episode, but I suspect it's the very flattering clothes and nice fitting jackets. Still looks great in a vest and gun. Note for continuity freaks, this was the 3rd in production terms even though it's airing 6th.

Amy Adams in a Fat Suit

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I'm watching early Wetboy, because I saw Amy Adams guested - so yes, fat suit. This should be fun, and not a little wet. You realise that this will lead to me getting even more wetness. Doesn't look like the series has changed that much.

I'm just thinking that they must have a generic bathroom set, because she looks like she's in what's suddenly looking like the Can't Hardly Wait bathroom.

This is *so* some eating disorder parable - they must have taken this whole teenage issues thing seriously back then. She seems to do pretty well in the role though, they must have brought her in to plump up (whee) the acting talent on the show while finding their legs. But yes, very freak of the week. She must have really not been playing age appropriate though - which is probably all the better considering the subject matter. Very after-school special, and pretty heavy handed with the analogous-ness meant to evoke that naughty extremity.

I wonder if she got this from being on Buffy - they must have had some confidence to give her such a prominent role. I'm now also wondering why she was on Conan so early on, perhaps to promote Drop Dead Gorgeous - which I'll have to watch again to remember which one she was. She wouldn't have been promoting Psycho Beach Party would she? But yes that would explain linkage with Buffy though.

Oh yes, the Mummy called - it wants its mouth gaping effect back. I get the feeling it's really the better actresses that do the best in their psycho roles. The series really is so predicated on people/teenagers, being *really crazy*. Oh yes, and cue shattered glass reflecting shattered self, followed by flaming conflagration a-la Atlakvida.

Apparently the guy who directed her in this, also directed an episode of Dr. Vegas - if I'm not wrong one in which she's very prominent - interesting.

Under pressure. I suppose they do manage to make Elliot seem rather charmingly sexy. I need to stop using the word rather. It's just that if you start watching Scrubs from 3rd season, you're thinking to yourself if blonde doctor was just dumpy for 2 seasons before she became barbie. I'm pretty fond of Bambi though. Bite me. What was it again? Little pony trying to stand up for the first time style? Something like that.

And again, the series seems to does wonders for making music appeal to sentiment. That would be the hence of the Counting Crows thing. Sarah Lancaster was more appealing in that one episode that any of the Dr. Vegas. And Heather Locklear wasn't too bad, reasonably funny.

I'm sure I've mentioned before that an inordinate number of people who appear on the Bachelor/Bachelorette just *happen* to be in pharmaceutical sales, and also happen to be, I think the term is, smokin' hotties. Tina Fabulous for example.

This brought on, by the way, by Heather Locklear's appearance on Scrubs as a rep. Charming.

Smoochy smoochy - the groupies sleep with the roadies to get to Mick, as Hugh Laurie might opine.

Me and *sexy* titles.

Nurse Practitioner reminds me of Dr. Vegas, and the lovely Amy Adams. I'm even happy the rest of the episodes never aired, because the had already squeezed her out. Which by the way is the name of an interwebspite. It's nice to see her in an expanded role, even though I really like her in 20 Hours in America.

Scrubs makes me miss Counting Crows.

Fries with that shake. New shower curtain. I think the Gilmore Girls thing was a reference to some teen movie - I've now discovered it's a reference to Mean Girls, because of the "Plastics" but it's also a staple of teen dramas, introducing the the various subcultures in the High School. I know it happens in Ten Things I Hate About You, but I'm sure there's a more illustrious predecessor

Muahahaha, Me-sa Evil....

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Kristin Kreuk really gets into camping it up. And it really says something that she's *so* much more likable as a psycho bitch witch from the past. But yes, she really seems to get into the whole evil thing, which probably indicates how bored she otherwise likely is.

*Ewww* *Wet*.

Yes, I know it's Parminder Nagra

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Neela's doing the best voiceover I remember hearing, nicely modulated, persistent look of being lost throughout - very impressive. Ron from West Wing doing ER is good as well. But really, Neela is being spectacular in the episode. These are the real actors, the ones who don't look like they're doing much, or not doing anything special, but it can be breathtaking the deftness of it. As with so many things, the magic, they always seem to say, is to make it look easy.

Finally Defrag, Gay Marissa

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After moving my eMule temp files from the temp disk, it seems that they were what's stopping the drive from defragmenting - the bastards. Gay Marissa is probably the best thing about the OC this season.

I'm sorry, but how many rss related ads is google going to serve on my site? I encourage you to at least click on all the klipfolio ones. I personally endorse them - though if you click on them, they probably have to pay for it. The good part is the money comes to me. Me me me. Muahaha. Louis has gone ad-crazy apparently.

"I'm sure it's just a phase" - effective fade out on Kirsten. "It was for me". Alienating and severe. How could this episode actually be an okay one? Oh my god. Most fetching Marissa in loose shift ever in recent memory.

Lost in suspension.

But it would seem that the underclocking is doing good - I can only assume that I ran out of luck with the CPU, since the ram's supposed to be bending in the pollen.

For a film reference I must say that at least they can't be faulted for not building it up and working it. Though I think the roof was the better climax.

Merci Y'all is still cracking me up.

Blonde Doctor

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For whatever reason, I find Joey that much better than Friends. And yes, Christina Ricci is in this episode, so yay. She's pretty good, very lovely with the big eyes, being lively, spritely and springy, acting cute. The eye narrowing is particularly good. And well, Alex is quite comely, and probably one of the better actresses doing comedy.

Christina Ricci really is rather fetching, and Triumph is always hilarious. I dug in and decided to delete whatever Desperate Housewives I had - I will no longer be an enabler. Jack and Bobby just isn't any fun without Missy, and the whole war crimes thing was just annoying. Elsie Snuffin appeared though, which was fun - just a completely unrewarding role. I've already said West Wing is fantastic, but it bears repeating - I get the feeling it's one of the few genuinely grown up shows on TV. I wonder if I'll ever get around to watching Unscripted.

Good thing about having my notebook next to my bed now is that I can ignore even more television. I'm now going to delete Cambridge Spies. Or not. This is why I'm drowning in discs.

I now remember why I started downloading it to begin with, because Anna-Louise Plowman is in it, who is endlessly fetching. It makes me actually want to consider downloading Stargate SG-1. I still think My Life in Film is pretty worthy, if only for that first episode with her in it. She's married to the guy who was in Perfect Strangers.


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Alex Graves really seems to do pretty good West Wing episodes. Rather innovative use of the characters features and space. And he makes Mary McCormack look hot. I think it's because of Toby that I want a beard. The party I thought was particularly good. I'm going to look forward to watching this season again. Toby is really really good, despite the gush on his face at the convention.

I mean, I'm not saying that it was a great episode, but compared to the puddles that have pooled around it, it wasn't bad. There's something to be said for a show that can consistenty pull off really good teasers, and Laurelei "not having any" really rather counts. This perhaps makes me mourn for first season OQ - again.

Paris really can do no wrong. And I'm personally quite happy to have Doyle on the show, he's actually been the catalyst for quite a bit of the fun on the show. The only downside is that there is far less Rory-Paris action than there used to be. Can't decide if Abby and Neela are better.

I don't actually want to write anything, and I'm pretty tired of trying to sound interesting. So yes, bogging fatigue is starting to set in. That, or this is the lull that happening because I've just finished watching the stuff that was already downloaded when I woke up at 3, and I'm waiting for the rest to happen.

House was good, I'm really still quite liking the whole thing with House and Cameron, it's sort of sweet. I'm wondering if anything will impress me like the first bunch of episodes did. I'll get back to you when I get around to watching it in production order. I'm just hoping that the sophmore crap-out doesn't afflict it like it did the OQ.

I've got a number of pending posts which I think I'll just quickly whip up while I'm waiting. Oh, and Broadvoice really does suck - I'm having problems with incoming calls - but I'll say more when I'm pissed off that they don't reply to support e-mails.

Watching the Prize

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Perhaps it has more resonance because it's probably that much better than the later seasons. They're also DVD rips, and widescreen. Oh my T'Pol's haircut was funny. Unfortunately the rips of the pilot don't seem to be quite proper, but whatever - I just want to watch it now, so. Oh, and I really much prefer the older theme song. The characters are really rather sweet.

Huh, I didn't realise the rips are off Channel 4, not DVD like I said.


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It just popped into my head, that probably most of Spooks isn't necessarily that good - that when it's not written by Howard Brenton, it's about the quality of middling Joss Whedon work - just doing things. That said, the Howard Brenton stuff is a particular kind of flawless.

Louis writing a TV guide of the current season? Problem is I tend to respond best when I'm watching them all in a row (as witnessed here). But of the new series I think really only House stands out.

Mal, Bad, in the Latin

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I've always found the teaser for the Firefly pilot, Serenity, incredibly moving, and endlessly evocative. The clincher though, is Mal walking back in to the cargo hold, "yeah, we win".

Back Word

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So the L Word decided to go big? More camp than it used to be, I must say. Director for the first episode doesn't seem too bad though. Huh, no wonder I like him, he directed episodes of Deadwood. I won't hold Six Feet Under against him. Laurel Holloman looks good pregnant. I wonder if they're just unashamed about it, or it was a requirement of the network, that they make the episodes be horny.

It's late, and I should be asleep, but it occurs to me that I need to make something abundantly clear. Desperate Housewives is not, by any bizarre contortion, something that is worth watching.

I had watched the unaired pilot, and while I liked Brenda Strong on Sports Night, Sheryl Lee was so much more resonant in her role. Felicity Huffman I have great admiration for, you only need look at this. But seriously, how much more ass could be sucked by the series?

Now I'm going to stop there, and not allow silly questions like why to mar the fact that even thinking about it makes me want to tickle something.

Okay with the Dancing already.

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Scrubs actually does interesting things with narrative.

I do rather appreciate them using 8 days a week.

I keep forgetting things I want to think and then. And it's not even about what I'm doing, it's just moments of inside pushing out.

I should draw money before I go to get the tickets tomorrow, and remember to write things down.

Not so much, for you, with the talking.

So he really is Irish

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Tara Reid does rather well in Scrubs. How could she have been so much better in the previous season than she was recently? She looked better too.

But Scrubs is also doing quite a bit better with me - I think Janitor is great and Cox is especially fantastic. He's got a weird name, but his voice talent is unbelievable.

Oh, and it's funny.

I Don't Know Much

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According to Scrubs, I'm not the only one that follows people round the apartment endlessly - in a way that could be taken as being incredibly annoying.


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Well, ok, it seems Scrubs season 3 isn't quite as bad as the first couple of episodes promised. And the one playing Jordan (Christa Miller Lawrence) is so lovely she's making me even consider watching the Drew Carey show.

This post also, for better or worse, inaugurates my Television category, especially since now that I've been having this form of blogging diarrhoea for awhile, I've taken to pausing television I like - to write about it.

My food diary is going to have to wait till I next eat.

But yes, I've thus been using Firefox like a bogging application - I think it's quite fitting.

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