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Good propect of a history of violence. Cookie cutter elements to be sure, but it all looks like it'll come together in the most wonderful way. The prominent actors even managed to be made to look normal. It's not eXistenz, but then what is.

A very loving portrait of fiona, and the deft unpretention of newsradio. Even the best of series some times fail to meet the level of attentive unsentimentality that NewRadio manages. And Maura Tierney turns so seductively.

We Win

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I must say this is a genuinely very sinister episode. I suppose it really does depend on who is doing the what. Repetition can end up getting a bit banal-ly annoying after a while, but still very jumpy scary.

watch, something

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And so a pathetic sentimentality. I really need to watch something, and soon, that contains things getting blown up, shot, and people getting smacked over the head and called jag-off. And so a very different kind of sentimentality.

One-eyed Mia Kirshner

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One-eyed Mia Kirshner is such an *actress*. Very effective though. Very much like a button. Probably the best thing on the show in a long while. It's really just about a deftness and force of movement, a kind of firmness and resolution.

I like the idea of vagrant Jack. They also pulled out his dissolute jacket for it, which is nice. Perhaps they're doing something professional.

And so this is what feature directors do, they come in and they do what features do best - they find the premise and dig deep. And so basically what they're doing is what Sorkin does in his 2 hour season premieres, but in their own way, with a kind of cant, obviously. They immerse in the mythology, or the diegesis if you will, and distill the things that, so often repeated, or so resonant, they they come to become. I won't say exactly that they do another pilot, as I think I mistakenly said before; what they do is exaggerate, reflex, emphasise, amplify, deft subtle. Often not new - pivotal - but not necessarily new. So that even if important changing things occur, it still is a kind of suspension, a kind of disruption of the flow or tick of the cadence. It's like casting in amber, making it crystal, a kind of refraction.

Though part of the problem, of course, is that in doing this, even though it leads to generally better episodes, it still means that however good the directors and episodes may be, they are unable to transcend the show, its premise, and the limitations of the genre, cast, and feel. Though of course, in the best series, or even in good ones, they can become some of the most effective, sometimes all the more's the pity for the after.

Jorja Fox has ceased to be any kind of attractive. And I wanted him to die - all of them, really. Bastards all. No help or pity, to those less fortunate than ourselves.

Yeah, I basically can't quite stand my last post being on top, because it's absolutely horrendous writing - hence new post. Normally I do okay when I'm sleeping odd hours and never quite feel rested, but that must have been strange. Most of the time I just get disjointed rather than rubbish. And I felt awfully about having to spank the word into the title.

It's absolutely wonderful that Z-Nix is still getting in the Maxell discs - the quality is excellent, though I'm sure it could be cheaper. Considering how much they cost, I really should get a Benq drive, but the Lite-On's still fine, and the myth of scanning is always convincing. Anyway the bigger issue is with the inability of the spin to catch up, which is annoying in so many ways.

Is it hard to make arrangements with yourself?

I'm quite enjoying Celebrity Love Island, not least because of Abi Titmuss and Liz from Atomic Kitten. Their little drama is entertaining if a little flickery.

Movable Type really needs to take a couple of pages from WordPress, esp things like ticking multiple categories etc. But then I've still not migrated, and neither likely to, so.

I'm still feeling too competitive about Opera Blogs, but ah well. I think I'll try my best to keep at least a post or 2 on the latest page, that seems fair. More dark comedy regarding my phone, and much annoyance with forms.

Starhub has been acting up a bit recently, basically with the bandwidth

out of the island.

Ok, that was a bit harsh, but what's the fun in having a name if people can't make fun of it in some way. And yes, the whole handheld things is very gonzo, but not annoyingly so. I think you have to fight the urge to read it all as being "real" - and the picture they obviously want to paint of Bristina as being "People Like Uz". And yes it does come across as making things out a bit sad and bereft. Not really quite as funny as Newlyweds, which I'd suppose to be the benchmark. Well at least this has a vital ingredients, big star (/to be) and washed up nobody husband. The asking of questions is interesting. And you wonder at the smacking of manipulative attention-sook and pathos.

Other titles could have included Bitch-ney POV. And he's got all the hallmarks of "man" - in that he looks like a dick.

I had to get it off filelist, since everyone else was bleating about how there aren't propers out.

An interventionist god.

I don't answer stupid questions. People who don't know anything ask questions that so lack the will towards conviction.

Not entirely unaware.

It's nice that it happened, in what looks appears to be Manchester. So that's why they call it pathetic fallacy, which is not exact. Man-Whore. Don't Know Much.

Another series that I wonder where it's been all my life. I hope to god that Judd Apatow can get back to doing stuff like this - that doesn't suck ass - now that 'piss as we gulp it' is died like it's dead.

I suppose it really helps that so many cast members from Freaks and Geeks show up. The only problem is the one of self-immolation, as covered elsewhere, not least about Peep Show, but at least that's not what this is "about". But yes, still plenty of dousing and shrieking. And woman who looks like cat-woman on CSI is endlessly charming. And the male cast is actually funny, and actually directed worth a damn.

And really, it's just so very very sweet and wavy.

And guess what? It sure beats (baby pops out) "Luke!" (another baby) "Leia!"

And so House decided to do interesting things. To be honest I preferred the jumpy pumpy to the revelation, but who would have guessed, eh? I can't say it's the most innovative way of presentation, but it was okay - unfortunately still referential, but then most things are. It's always more fun to play than to play for a reason, though playing for a reason in roundy circles without saying uncle is as good a way as any. Is playing for playing another kind of roundy circle? I've not thankfully made myself lose all interest and find it all tedious.

And so they picked up on the odd ambivalence of Sela Ward's empathy. Are her eyebrows really like that? And so it occurs to me that as with so many times, I probably liked or thought I liked more than came out and chiseled.

I recommend for convenience the directory. For House.

*Evil* Mia Kirshner

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24 is really starting to epitomise the quote, that thankfully I managed to find on Yahoo - "You call this a coronation? I call it bad comedy." But the presence of *sinister* Mia Kirshner, after her camped out depravity on the L Word makes her look aged. And Trey is on 24, who would have thought? And how what the hell is wrong with them that they decided to be so very wrong and so very what were they thinking.

Both 24 and Alias are *so* on my list. But she makes a very cute terrorist mercenary, as I think is the point. I wonder if Daisy Adair will ever re-appear. I can't believe I missed that many episodes of 2.5 Men, silly btefnet. And oh my, now they're pulling out before they spurt 101 all over the screen. Probably the will they/won't they of violence-enabled melodrama.

Really, the pure tonnage of people getting finagled into coming here via Google is oxen stunning. Oh, and one friendly person signed up for my tracker, hoorah.

You shot a 6 year old.

Greg the Bunny is fucking hilarious, and is actually better than you'd ever expect. Makes you want to watch every series that got canceled summarily. And puts puppet Angel into perspective. Sarah Silverman, for being witchily annoying, does however turn out to be reasonably effective totty. They must have some kind of special thigh make-up.

Ranks up there with ...doesn't mean you have to do porn.

The vision of Risky Business.

I'm not quite sure what to make of h.264, seems nice. I'd have to compare.

And so also really rather moving, and effective, and talently done. The physical comedy alone is breathtaking.

Lesbian Time

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I wonder if the displacement (even if to the present) at the beginning of each episode is a gesture towards "female time" - or some other not-so-condescending way of putting it. Jig-lamps I think is the analogy. But it's the finale so I should pay attention. And stick to not posting till it's over.

I mean, okay, I admit to being a bit distracted, but I genuinely am pretty bored as well. I wonder if they're contractually obligated to show a certain amount of HLA every episode. Baby drama never helps.

Mena Suvari really is rather charming in the Teenage Dirtbag video, it makes me almost want to watch Loser again, even though it really wasn't that much of anything, despite Amy Heckerling. Interesting in terms of her, but not so much in terms of the thing itself. The narrative of the video is really rather effective, and her doing the girl portion is particularly gratifying. Is anyone possibly surprised she's now a swinging divorcee?

Speaking of which, Maura Tierney is lovely all over again on NewsRadio - so fresh faced. And the theme music has an excited joy about it that moves me like a funny puppet. But-ta-FU-co.

I'm sure I've mentioned hit and run Josh/Dan before. The much charmingness of Mary Louise-Parker. I just like the arc of her initial romance, with the end of Red Red Wine. Aztec, Two-Step, Turandot is also another of the superbly fantastic lines in television. I've got to keep awake a bit more to photocopy and send off. I'll have to check, perhaps if I can print there. Big Block of Cheese and the incredible-ness of that constipation. The times when I wished I still could pick up and few the Super Light. It's nice to be able to un-style and make prettier the silliness of SpelChek - and it'd be nice if the button in the edit page had a tooltip worth a damn - but whatever.

Very Much Like Aslan

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Again with the confluence - but it is the events, rather than my them of the piecing. You'll know when you see me. And the really very very funny bits in Concrete Cow about Lion/Witch/Wardrobe - "Aslan's just going to piss you off". Oh and the reasonably promising trailer for the new Narnia movie. It makes me want to read the ones that I remember more resonantly - Dawn Treader and (Su-lin will soon inform me) the one with the iconic presence of "Under Me", or something to that effect. But I think the Dawn Treader contributes in no small extent to my affection for Golding. And I shall find the opportunity to at least try reading Starter For Ten. One of my very first spell-checked posts, how lovely. Though it's annoying in the sense that it doesn't let you manually edit straight away, and there is more than one step towards putting it all back; so I tend to just check and when it shows nothing wrong, to close it. And it finds all manner of silly things wrong, which is wrong of them and silly. And I really must do a follow up on my writing about embracing chaos - the title is handily supplied: Chaos, Control. Chaos, Control. You Like? You Like? It's probably a kind of wrong that bulimia summarises for me such a assertive sense of the will towards control. There probably really is something wrong with me going Sorkin crazy again, but at least now I'm going to fun things like doing a Mary Louise-Parker splash. And dreams about things, and my grandfather, and his death and his funeral. Very much like Aslan.

I normally like to space paragraph things, but when it's composed the way it is. And apparently Opera has decided to abdicate all responsibility. And I think I'm just a bit worn out from Optool. You really do need to restart after you first launch after updating. Klipfolio 3 will be a treat. Perhaps I should cover their striptease before the money-shot.

wanton insalubriousness

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Ah, so I now recover where it's from: "though it's not like I'm a drug *person*, I just *love* pot". From the West Wing pilot no less. And uttered by Bobbi Bernstein - probably due to her ability to exude wanton insalubriousness.

I really wonder how much overlap there is between Kylie and Pet Shop Boys, since I would assume they had at least similar people working on their tours, and they would seem to inhabit similar markets. Incredibly camp followings and sensibilities both, and icons in their own right. But the symmetries are quite stunning, looking at Kylie's Showgirl tour.

Both are now available online, so check out Murder One at Realworld starting with the pilot, and Igby Goes Down at ShareProvider. It's just because I love these both so much - I actually have them on DVD. I actually did a previous post on Igby, if you can be bothered to search for it.

...All friends shall taste
The wages of their virtue, and all foes
The cup of their deservings.- O, see, see!
And my poor fool is hang'd!

...I am in blood
Stepp'd in so far that, should I wade no more,
Returning were as tedious as go o'er.

Very much like a black hole. Oh, and the Mayor was pretty good, and rather funny. Also the splitting image.

Daily Show Spin-Off

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Stephen Colbert's been given a spin-off of the Daily Show, to be called the Colbert Report (co-BEAR ra-PORE). New York Times and E! via Yahoo. It'll be cool that they'll be doing a hand-off between the two shows, as they'll probably air back to back - "having Mr. Stewart, at the end of his half-hour show, share a split-screen with Mr. Colbert, in what is known in the news business as a "throw" or "toss."" Hilarity to ensue.

I'm just starting to watch the first round of the World Snooker Championships, thanks to UKNova. It's currently over, but I know nothing, so if anyone spoils it for me, I going to give them a fucking kicking. I started watching snooker when I was in Holland, and continued when I was in York (the mentions of which, along with being tired, mask). Probably the only thing close so sport that I actually can and will watch religiously. Well, that and politics. Could anything be more boring that UK politics though? An obsession with the banal.

serenity_328x185.jpgIt's available on, and I'm downloading it now, but I won't be able to play it until Apple gets its act together and releases Quicktime 7 for Windows.

I'm sure it's just the trailer again anyway, but why not, it's their bandwidth. Is this not a good enough reason for a 25 Mbit downstream?

Ok, getting a bit annoying having to have enough text so the picture gets wrapped prettily.

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