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My old bog has been getting a bunch of hits from people looking to find Mininova.org, so I thought it's about time I provided a list of good current torrent sites:

Open Sites (No Registration):

My favorite is ISOHunt - probably the broadest search and aggregation site I know of, and the RSS feed allows you to view by category. If you want the search bar in your Opera Personal Bar, look here. It's best for searching and monitoring via RSS, the listing UI isn't great, for which you might want to try MiniNova, which is sort of subsidiary of ISOHunt, or:

TorrentSpy, another very good indexing site which I tend not to use because it's main "torrents for today" page is split into different pages, but otherwise it's very "Suprnova-Like". Didn't have RSS last I checked but that might have changed.

For TV, there are 2 main sites, which amongst others are also indexed by the above sites - TVTorrents, and BTEfnet. I prefer TVTorrents because it has an autodownloading application via RSS (TVTAD). Also TVTorrents tends to only post proper files, and well seeded, whereas BTEfnet tends to just go for prompt releases. I monitor both though, since sometimes one has something the other doesn't.

Registration Required:

The big ommission above regarding TV is UKNova - it requires registration, which means that if they're not taking new members you're sunk, and your ratio actually matters. But it has what the other TV sites lack: UK TV in spades.

Filelist.org does very high quality releases. They only release "scene" stuff, so mostly it'll be things in 15mb rar files - but they'll be the proper stuff. I go there to get good quality games and movies, especially movies that otherwise aren't available in WideScreen. Oh, and pr0n. The download rates, as long as you're a member in good standing, are off the charts fast, because of their very sensible ratio system.


There are plenty of other sites, but these are the ones I use most often, and are most familiar with. There are many many more sites, especially niche sites and wannabe sites - feel free to add them as comments and I'll be updating this post as and when anyway. In particular there are a lot of new registration sites - but it doesn't make sense to join too many of those if they aren't comprehensive though. These are only BT sites, I'll do a seperate post on post-Sharereactor/Shareconnector sites later. I personally use Azureus as my client - be sure to do a clean install of the latest Java before you use it. If you're looking for NFO's, this is the place to go. When I have time, I'll hunt down the RSS links for you guys, especially since some of them aren't very prominent.

Without The Rough Boys

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I'm sure I'll get around to doing a more informative post about the state of torrenting, but right now the big news for me is UKNova.com. Everything that's good about living in the UK without the rough boys. It's absolutely heavenly, so that I'm now able to get at all the shows I had gaps in, not to mention the iching rips of Shameless Season 2.

The RSS feed is a bit tricky, but have a look at the forums and you'll find they did pretty cool things with it - and bothered to document it properly. Now if only there were an agnostic tool for harvesting torrent links from feeds. I'd link to everything, but unless you're registered, there's no point, so register (if they're still offering memberships) and go bananas.

Obviously if you've ever searched for movies on eMule, you've bumped into VeryCD.com, the only drawback (for me at least) is that it's in Chinese. The titles are frequently in english though, so that helps. I recently got Clean from there, which is downloading like bitchcakes, so China Power really knows how to spread 'em. The subs are in chinese, so I'm assuming the film won't be. But they release like Sharereactor used to, so worth keeping an eye on - I think people are even releasing TV over there, which is nice.

If anyone can tell be where the hell they're releasing a lot of the british stuff, I'd be ever so grateful. I can find them via search, but they're not spreading well, and I don't get notified. I'm looking for, or been getting things like Ideal, Shameless and According to Bex. Shameless gets on the-realworld, but otherwise.

This also inaugurates the P2P section, and I'll eventually put up definitive posts, probably one about Mule, another about torrents etc. Also about choice of clients I suppose, and how to clean install Java.

Turns out the copy of Clean is encoded with the french subs, which sucks, and there are no english subs for the french bits of dialog, so more sucking, but otherwise pretty much as advertised.

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