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Obviously if you've ever searched for movies on eMule, you've bumped into, the only drawback (for me at least) is that it's in Chinese. The titles are frequently in english though, so that helps. I recently got Clean from there, which is downloading like bitchcakes, so China Power really knows how to spread 'em. The subs are in chinese, so I'm assuming the film won't be. But they release like Sharereactor used to, so worth keeping an eye on - I think people are even releasing TV over there, which is nice.

If anyone can tell be where the hell they're releasing a lot of the british stuff, I'd be ever so grateful. I can find them via search, but they're not spreading well, and I don't get notified. I'm looking for, or been getting things like Ideal, Shameless and According to Bex. Shameless gets on the-realworld, but otherwise.

This also inaugurates the P2P section, and I'll eventually put up definitive posts, probably one about Mule, another about torrents etc. Also about choice of clients I suppose, and how to clean install Java.

Turns out the copy of Clean is encoded with the french subs, which sucks, and there are no english subs for the french bits of dialog, so more sucking, but otherwise pretty much as advertised.

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