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TVTorrents Closed

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This sucks. Have a look at the main page for the announcement. I have a mirror that I'll put up if it goes down. This is what it says:

TVTorrents - Closed Permanently

Sorry, but TVTorrents is down. No, I will not return. Sorry for any hassles. Thanks for all the memories and good times we had together in #tvtorrents. As of now, the channel will remain open, but stay +m (no talking).

Again, sorry for having to leave, but it became necessary. If you can donate to help with the pending settlement, please do so!

This is confirmed on TVTAD.com, what was formerly their feed reading client. The good news is that TVTAD is now (as of sunday apparently), going to support www.btefnet.net with version 0.5 of their software. I'm assuming BTEfnet is less vulnerable since it's based (I think) in the UK.

But if all else fails, (as they say in star wars) "there is another". VeryCD.com does quite a few series, and ISOHunt will index whatever is out there. Failing all that - RealWorld is still good an reliable. I'm sure something will pop up to take its place anyway. It's a pity it and TVSwarm are both gone though.

This is almost too good to be true. I don't know if it constantly gets moderated out - I assume that "links are not copyright infringement", and that Wikipedia finds some way to stay above it all. I must say the list is really quite exhaustive and very up to date.

It's in the wiki for Bittorrent. There's some info on rss feed based TV downloading, which I'll need to take a closer look at. This is a link to a site that monitors the ups and downs of the prominent BT sites that I found a while ago but never bothered to post.

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