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It's good. I've been going there rather a lot he past weeks, and it's good. The eponymous dish is particularly worthy, their chicken chop is really rather nice - but it's chicken chop bits rather than one big hunk. And there's something about the over-poached egg on top of the fried rice that's quite pleasing. What I also really like though, is the noodles they have, sort of fettucini like, but mixed in a kind of soy-sauce based gravy which is really quite nice. They pair the noodles with chicken cutlet and pork chop (deep fried), which are good, especially at the starting price of $3. Honestly, it makes paying almost double that at the Ramen place seem a bit silly. I just had the deep fried pork chops, and the outside is just nicely done, not crispy, but sort of glisten-ny and nice. There are other permutations available, but mostly with similar bent to what I've described above - I must endeavour to try the fish the next time.


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That headline sounded so much better when I was thinking about it on the way back here.

I eat quite a lot at this place called Creation - just opposite me in Shaw Tower. It's close to the Burger King, before the corridor leading to the food court. It's good.

Basically it serves pasta. I think it has a couple of other dishes, but mainly pasta. I personally prefer creamy pastas, which they do pretty well - they have a workmanlike salmon alfredo, the seafood version is better, but the one I keep going back for is the spicy thai cream sauce with seafood (I can't remember the actual name). The tomato sauces aren't too bad either, the meatballs are particularly good, and I just tried the italian sausage, which wasn't bad. The spicy crabmeat would be great if it wasn't so messay, and the carbonara is a bit uninspiringly plain.

The best thing about the place though is that it serves small portions - just right as far as I'm concerned, especially if you want to have dessert after. But even if you don't, by the time you walk across the street and start writing your review entry, you'll feel sufficiently full - and this is me talking, after having arrived there practically tackling the guy to order. The ordering system is DIY, which is fine. They serve cold water, which is always a plus. I'd personally stay away from the set meals, since the soup is like creamy water and the brownies are ho-hum at best. An ala carte pasta is at most about $10.

Part of my problem with them though is that they, with great economic sense, close when it's not peak meal times, so I have to go there when things aren't chocked up with lunchy bastards, but not so removed that I miss it. In those instances I tend to go next door to the Ramen place, which I actually am rather fond of - open without gaps. I'll write about it when the occasion call for it, but it'll be a favourable review.

There's a stall that sells it on the way from Bugis to my place. I've only tried it once, but suffice to say, never again. It tastes like dry chalk, by which I mean it tastes like chalk - only more dry.

Is it possible that by not looking at my bog and staring at the ads all the time, that I end up boggling even more?

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