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Muthu's Curry wasn't bad or anything, but it's now entirely unrecognisable. I mean fine, more power to them for going upmarket, but it's just not the same. There's not the dual pots serving complimentary veges with the rice, the banana leaves are on a tacky plastic plate, and the place is swanked up to its eyeballs (as far as it goes). Fish-head wasn't bad, but I suspect you'd get as good elsewhere. They still seem to do a booming business though, I suspect the reputation brings plenty of tourists. So yes, try Banana Leaf.

(Muthu's?) Curry Night

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So when is the next appropriate time for this? Perhaps some time this week? I can't seem to find a proper site for the place, but whatever, any cab driver should be able to figure it out. I keep hearing that other places around there are better, and I'm willing to be convinced. The point, however, is definitely the fish head itself, so you might have to get your own.

So tell me when and perhaps where. I suppose I'd prefer a weekday so it won't be so crowded, but a weeknight would mean more bridge/mahjong after.

It's annoying in that if I try and pin this post it would be double posted on the main page - which might not be the worst thing I suppose. If only Movable Type would wake up to using some other unit of front page management other than number of days.

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