Chicken Chop Fried Rice @ Shaw Towers Food Court

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It's good. I've been going there rather a lot he past weeks, and it's good. The eponymous dish is particularly worthy, their chicken chop is really rather nice - but it's chicken chop bits rather than one big hunk. And there's something about the over-poached egg on top of the fried rice that's quite pleasing. What I also really like though, is the noodles they have, sort of fettucini like, but mixed in a kind of soy-sauce based gravy which is really quite nice. They pair the noodles with chicken cutlet and pork chop (deep fried), which are good, especially at the starting price of $3. Honestly, it makes paying almost double that at the Ramen place seem a bit silly. I just had the deep fried pork chops, and the outside is just nicely done, not crispy, but sort of glisten-ny and nice. There are other permutations available, but mostly with similar bent to what I've described above - I must endeavour to try the fish the next time.

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