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Like Flies to Wanton Boys

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Good god - when the gods with to punish us, they grant us our wish. So yes, people moving to MSN 7 can use "personal messages", but now it also broadcasts paid links to people's playlists, so that the fact that people *I* know are listening to cack is being rubbed (along with ads) in my face. Dion knows who he is. Good god. Do yourselves a favour, maybe listen to Aimee Mann's new album before you get it. Or something. Jeff Buckley maybe.

A Measure of Clutter

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I'm on a break now because University Challenge was getting too exciting. I kid you not. Someone on there looks spookily like Ve-Yin. Just to tell people (I can't quite imagine who), the new version of Opera has an incremental increase in the version of search.ini, so if you want to retain your old search.ini, you'll have to change the backed up search.ini to version number 5. More detailed instructions can be found via the forums etc.

I'll eventually get around to re-jiggering a customised version. To be honest it's not a big deal, since most of the searches I have already or I don't use. They've added Opera Search as an option, which is cool. It's a nice useful search if you don't want to be innundated; it lacks features - and hence a measure of clutter.

It's good shit. Basically it's smoother, so less lag and more frames. I had it on while X-Lite was running, and it all seemed to do pretty well, though I turned off all P2P as a precaution. Haven't really bothered to compare it to say Yahoo, but it seemed fine. The ad that shows up at the start is a bit annoying, but having gotten rid of all the ads with patches otherwise, I'm not the most bothered.

I think has another uber-patch up, which might be worth checking out. If I remember they have something that differentiates people who set themselves as away or whether they're just idle. Makes me want to chuck ICQ really. There was a feature about the codec having already been reverse engineered so that it'll work on Linux etc.

New version of Skype is out, with more things I'm not bothered about. I have yet to be Skyped using my link, though I wonder if that's just because of my privacy settings.

Ok, definitely get the uber-patch - you never knew how much crap there was till you got rid of it all. I don't think I can link straight to it, just look for it on

Not that there's any real security reason why you should, but I'm just saying that you should. If only so I can stop viewing contacts by e-mail address. You can get the new version early via Neowin. You can get it patched via Mastaline. I find it interesting or whatever that Mastaline is a dutch (or at least dutch language) site. The build number is 7.0.0777 - it's scheduled for an april 7th release - clever huh?

Recording Real Streams

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The lovely people at UKNova were patient enough to point me in the direction of how to rip streams - particularly useful in getting stuff off the BBC website. It really is as simple as using NetTransport - very much like flashget, and can't say for sure that it's not a rip, but it handles real files, so yay. I can't say it was the easiest thing to find a crack for, but it's there. As long as you know how to get at the url of the stream, you're golden. So Louis now has Mamet's radio version of Faustus, which personally isn't bad. Rebecca Pidgen's the best thing about it. Pity the archive doesn't stretch further back than a week, or I could have gotten his interview and Glengarry Glen Ross - it might be time to start getting old episodes of HardTalk though.

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