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Steve Jobs my Hero


I can't quite believe that I've set Opera to refresh every 30 secs on this page, so that I can watch another Steve Jobs Keynote. But that said, it's always entertaining to enter into the reality distortion field he generates. Though nowadays I really get a sense of how much I'd really never switch to a Mac. Click here to tell me how sad you think I am.

I'm posting links in my forum to download really good CD/DVD burning software, particularly things like the new Clone DVD (from the makers of CloneCD) and the new version of PowerDVD. If you're already a registered member, click here. If not, you can register here.

New Opera Skins and MSN Messenger


Hoorah for Christian Krebs, who designs rather nice skins for Opera. He's got a new skin out which is probably the nicest of the Safari clones I've seen - not really my thing, I prefer his older skins which were more graphical and strikingly colourful. But yes, a muct check out for all Opera fans.

And yes, the best of the stand-alone IM clients has a new version in official beta, which you can find here. Been running the leaked betas for a while now and it's nice and stable on XP; and it's got chat logging, which is nice and useful. If you're still running ICQ, shame on you.

I won't keep doing this, but here's a link to the ad-remover for this preview version: here at, thanks to

Remember to do Work


I've got homework to do god-damn it. Basically I've still got to do the Solver thing from Excel and the picture bit from the end of today's lesson. I'm going to have to e-mail files to myself probably.

This might not actually get done.

It's late


It's just past 3.30 at night right now. I didn't sleep the night before, thought I sort of made up for that last night already. I've had an excruciating day at my computer classes, so much so my eyes are vaguely swimming as I read myself typing this.

I suppose I'm being stubborn, as I tend to be, under certain circumstances, late at night, when I decide I'm not too fond of sleeping just yet - which is why I was awake to go and see Su-Lin the day before yesterday.

The visit with Su-Lin went well, she's handed in her stuff, I watched her photocopy and bind her thesis and hand it in. Apparently that bitch Alison (Alyson?) O'byrne is a TA at Leeds now. I gave her name the finger on the staff name list on Emen's behalf. Her kind (including Ulrika obviously) deserve nothing less than damnation.

The revival of Su-Lin's computer went well, she now has a reasonably up-to-date Operating System that wasn't installed 4 years ago. She's also made Opera her default browser the clever girl. If only all my evangelising went so well. Cross cable is a wonderful thing - as are PCMCIA network cards. I must remember to bring back whatever spare parts I can from HK's place to Singapore.

The Category system for the site is pretty useful, if a bit paranoid making since I tend to be composing halfway and thing of something that's more applicable to another categoy and switch halfway to another post. But it's all good, as long as Peishan doensn't whine to me about reading too much computer stuff (I'm not letting it go - boo hoo; muahaha).

I'm a bit torn about whether I should go to Andrew's birthday party on Friday, since it would be an ideal time to go to Leeds and play bridge with Su-Lin. Again, we'll see. It's nice to know that Emen's going to Andrew's do though, so I'll know someone at least. Shouldn't I remember that I hate events like these?

Ask the man


Louis must remember to ask HTML guy how to create/automate the creation of a contents page from the headings of my content.


Oh my fucking god. These people are actually fucking fantastic. I got the resolution to my issue (small though it was) by the time I'd posted that last message. I'm very impressed. I'm telling my friends. Oh yeah I'm already doing that. Clever huh?

But yes, this host is good shit. Have to find out if the latency in ftp connection and uploading is just them, but otherwise - outside standing.

Reminder to Self


Must remember to open new subdomains for my resume and for operafanboy :D. Unfortunately my host seems to have fucked up already and I can't seem to access my Control Panel. The bastards. Let's see if their tech support is as good as they claim.

Louis will probably be trying to install Win2k on Su-Lin's comp. Unfortunately this means that Louis will not be able to use the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard in XP, which is a pity.

Regardless, Louis still remembers how to back up e-mail folders and the like manually, and he will remember to export Su-Lin's address book properly. Other than that, most of this will be taken up with installing Win2k itself and whatever apps Su-Lin might need. Should probably make a back up of the Win2k CD for her. We'll see.

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