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Acrobat 7: Nice warez if you can get it


I'm sure my peeps can find it in the usual places, and I have to say, it's not bad for being free. Of course I'm talking about Acrobat, which the intellectually stunted will confuse with the normally free Acrobat Reader. It's faster, it seems less bloated, you can customise the install so you don't get annoying buttons in Office, though you can still get them in IE if you so desire. They've moved to an SDI system, which is honestly better, since unless you're Opera... Also the UI is snazzier, and the toolbar seems to zoom and squeeze, which is just dandy.

Unfortunately it led me to the realisation that Opera's printing is still not as nice as IE's, but with Proxomitron, that's not really that big a deal. And printing to PDF still seems more accurate/nicer than converting, though I can't say the difference between the two particularly announces itself.

And so I start wondering about when Opera will finally get around to implementing those CSS bits that will allow me to get rid of Proxomitron, and Michel coming over, and how disappointing eXeem has been, and other things that keep escaping me like ornery twinkies. What, we all wonder, will be the super duper new feature in Oprah 1.0? Opera's RSS reader's become more useful with the deluge of torrents from some places. Like a big net behind a boat.

The temptation to get a cheap Mac suddenly reminds me how not cheap they actually are. I'd only end up using Opera on it, there are no compelling features that I particularly want, the specs will suck, I'd have to get a KVM switch, etc. etc. Safari really wasn't *that* nice, and I'm sure the UI tricks get pretty old. And there is general irk. For 500 US I could build a much faster Athlon XP system (even a P4 HT system if I wasn't too picky with the board), overclock the fuck out of it, get triple the storage - AND have a Benq DVD writer chucked in. And Windows, like Office, is free.

VOIP is the wave of the future man. Once the fax stuff gets worked out, and with Skype for the regular people, and by BYODing, it's cheap and pretty easy. I wonder though, how Broadvoice can allow plan switching so often/easily, unless there's a catch somewhere.

I will some time get around to pointing out the futility, or just the crappy implementation of ratios on trackers. And being on the ass-handed end of Azureus makes me flick the foreheads of the ABC naysayers. When you seed, you should actually seed. I don't know why I feel like this time it'd be a good idea to donate to Lokitorrent, but just maybe. Iso hunt looks pretty good, and torrentspy will be better with feeds.

Ask me to show you my WiFi seeker :).

Opera 8 Beta 1!!


Happy Day. Changelog/download link is here. Press coverage of Opera is always so reluctant/lazy. The only articles I've seen have been basically lifted from the press release, and they focus an inordinate amount of attention (no doubt partly Opera's fault) on new features. It's the UI/rendering engine/cache, stupid. Apparently there's going to be a new name, speculation is circling round Oprah 1.0 or Operate (Opera 8, get it?).

Basically I think they were doing previews of it as 7.6 so as to spring this as a kind of christmas present, and also to minimise the protests of version no. inflation. All good fun.

Those interested can read my Modest Proposal.

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