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Mozilla/Firefox fanboyness annoys the fuck out of me. To be fair I'm the last one to complain about people being evangelists (read: fanboys) even though I do; but the amount of news coverage that Firefox gets is ridiculous.

Yeah, boo hoo, you've finally gotten to the point where your precious open source sensibilities allow you to finally deem your product 1.0 ready - big fucking whoop.

Louis could not in good conscience recommend Firefox to anybody - though I've really begun to come around to how really evil it is using IE. Opera has a multitude of flaws that I'd admit to anybody, but it doesn't get close to the kind of news coverage that M/F gets.

I'd like to say that with 7.6, and the startup options of turning off mail and the sidebar, Opera is coming close to being as simple off the bat and free of annoyances as FF/IE, but I've come to the conclusion that to ordinary people (ie: Peishan) SETTINGS ARE SCARY. In my moment of weakness I really don't blame these people. Changing things, especially before you use something, is scary - irrational or not, the fears of changing things and things breaking is not unfounded - these are people who have lived with the nightmare that was windows 9x after all. It should be like an appliance. And I say that and yet those fucking remote control menus drive me absolutely crazy.

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