Nightswimming, Deserves a quiet night.


Beer's nice. Nice cold beer. I think I've really come around on Becks; Bret Easton Ellis knows his shit - or is it Donna Tartt?

I'm increasingly fond of my new lamp, and am looking forward to the next one. Anyone going to IKEA is welcome to join me. I also need to go to Kino at Taka to replace a pen.

Entourage isn't too bad; again, fondness. As with the first season, Dead Like Me is picking up towards the end of the season. I also now have a nice pretty flower.

I started this post to write about something, which I now think I've forgotten - it might have been the lamp, but that doesn't seem quite right. My Audigy 2 NX is nice, except for the clicks - but I'll check that out some other time.

Michel, apparently, is another satisfied customer of the PX 100 - I was a bit too alarmist about warning him off the PX 200/250, since they're so-called noise cancelling - basically they're not as comfortable and the reviews say they don't sound as good.

I have the sudden urge to use my webcam, but I'm sure no one'd be particularly interested. It's probably because it's now perched nicely on my replaced monitor that is much better than the previous one.

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