Powermatic are the distributers for my CMV monitor, and hence they handle the tech support for it. My problem was basically that the backlight on my 15 inch LCD was a bit too bright at the sides and the top - a manufacturer's flaw if I ever saw one. I brought it in the first time and it was okay, they changed the panel and everything seemed fine, and it was better, but the sides were still too bright, and I wasn't wild about the unevenness of the top viewing angle. So I brought it in again and they replaced the whole thing and I'm happier.

Granted it would have been nice if none of this was necessary, but every once in a while you're bound to have problems - just nice to know that these guys aren't too bad about it. Other than the fact that they're a bit annoying about asking for serial no.s and registration, the experience wasn't bad. Nice mild mannered tech guy who actually does the repairs, Mr. Liew. And I suppose it helped that it's very near Potong Pasir.

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