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Flat tax is best left to them to tell you about - again it's one of their Greatest Hits. Leader, Article and Insert.

The myth of cheap labour is something I reference with more glee - I'm not exactly sure why, but it gives me a great sense of well being when bubbles get burst - who would've thought I read the Economist eh? I think it's especially pleasing in that it puts into perspective so much protectionist twaddle about giant sucking sounds, to some extent at least. That and the unnatural exuberance that is the jerky swaying. Article here.

I think because these are Greatest Hits pieces, they're all free to ether.


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I wouldn't wonder why I found this incredibly relevant to me, but I sort of winced while laughing at it. The rather evocative title of the Inq article is "Jilted teen's naked pix plot backfires", have a look at it here.

I'm not sure what or how much to write about the article, but I view it as the Economist doing what it does best, and writing energetic and aspirational prose while doing it. If only as a pragmatic means to achieve at least achievable ends, this is what is most sensible and sustainable. Activists should embrace it, and the Republicans would do well to use it to outflank the opposition, as some of them already have - or the Democrats should wake up.

And so, Rescuing Environmentalism. The longer article is here. Only the Leader is free to ether.

Semester starts in August, might be leaving as soon as June or July, so stuff to be acquired by then - cheap or free depending on who you are and what you want.

29 inch TV.

Philips 5.1 Home Theatre in a box audio system/DVD Player (able to change regions) - plus manual, remote, 2 IKEA speaker stands. 2 other stands come with the system normally, so total of 4 stands.

IKEA work-table (adjustable legs for height), chair.

Lamps: 1 Alien Spaceship from IKEA, with CFL bulb, 1 stand-up 3 bulb paper shaded from IKEA.

120 GB IDE hard drive (I think it's a Western Digital 8mb cache Caviar), maybe a 160 GB SATA drive if you make a good offer and I have time to back up. Lite-On Combo Drive. Also make me an offer on a 2.6 gig 800FSB HT chip.

Linksys 4 port router, more ethernet cable than I know what to do with, Cable Modem x2 (one was for my digital phone service).

Shoe Rack x2
2 Metal dustbins, Brita water filter container
Pillows and linens? Cordless Phone. CD-Rack, Power strips, coiled extension cord.
Manky carpet - with rug pat.

Maybe my Bass Amp, if it can't take US power supply.

I'm sure a bunch of bits and bobs that I can't think of right now. I'm unlikely to part with my LCD monitors, even the shitty 15" CMV one - any scenario that pays me for it what the market would allow would still require me to put out more money to buy another one.

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