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The Gates, get it?

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Well, even if the Other Plaice thinks he's boring, at least he knows what's funny when he sees it. There's a boggler who got his photoshop on and decided to coin himself a headline: Bill Gates changing name to 'The Gates'. Scoble's post is here.

Michelle Branch is married!! And having a baby!! With her bass player who's twice her age!! She apparently got married last May??!?

Ah well.

There'll be more news here eventually. Apparently it all emanates from People Magazine.

She'd been trying out her new duo/band thing, the Wreckers, recently - hence the appearance on One Tree Hill.

In praise of MBA's?

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It's time for another bunch of the Economist's bread and butter holy grail articles - digging deep into their world view, their ideological convictions if you will, much like they did with their issue on CSR (subscription required).

This time it's actually a rather fitting companion piece to the CSR stuff, with a rebuttal of the idea that MBAs are *killing America* - or some such. These are free to ether. There's their leader, then the longer article.

I've also decided to be whatever it is that I am, and use this to inaugurate my "News" category - that's not the most descriptive way of putting it, but it's as good as it gets, probably.

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