Well, so Louis has been a bit tetchy recently, but can you blame me?

Anyway I've got an offer for you guys, if you want to move to a blogging tool that's worth a damn, you might want to try TypePad, which I've been beta testing for a bit, and which is going public soon. It's from the same people who do Movable Type, which powers this blog, so I thought some publicity was in order.

I, being a beta tester, can recommend friends to get a lifetime discount of 20% off on signing up (I get nothing from doing this, just so you know) and the accounts start at about $5 a month (before discount), which is pretty reasonable - esp after the discount and when you're not quite proficient enough to buy your own hosting/domain and install Movable Type (which, trust me, is just that much better). Caveats are of course that you'll probably want to be an IE user, Opera isn't the best idea (which I should pillory them for, but I'm just too tired).

So if you're interested, post in my forum or e-mail me, the link is on my main page.

Small sample of what your blog might look like can be found here.

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