Traffic,, Opera and Rant Rant Rant


Yeah, I'm feeling a growing boredom at writing about events and occurances. Who really gives a flying fuck?

That said, I've had a spike of activity on my forum from random people coming to my site to download the RJC teacher clip. Some of them are obviously people that I know, and who are the ones I posted it for. The rest are probably fuckwits who don't quite understand the wonders of P2P file sharing. Not that the 2 groups are mutually exclusive... (what? I can't call people I know fuckwits? have you *met* some of the people I know?) (now that was rather bitchy wasn't it?) (I obviously think myself inordinately funny)

But yes, I'm probably not too interested in maintaining people who just come here to download crap off me - though the idea that people would come here for the sparkling wit and second rate computer commentary blows my mind. I have a feeling that the entry to follow might be the one where I defend my use of Movable Type to my potential (but increasingly unlikely) employers at Google, who now own Not to mention the fact that I've been promoting TypePad.

And please, honestly, the new blogger interface for "alternative" browsers? Absolutely fucking lame. While I admit that it's at least a try, and that there are things that Opera just can't do, the fact that they have to put it as a seperate page with no other settings is just not good enough. And the archiving bugs are hell hell hell. (If google hires me, I'm so going to slink off and delete this...)

Which brings me to say that I really really do want to get hired by Google, even though there are so many reasons why it just won't happen. The fact that I don't like one of their products doesn't (to me) mean very much. As it is, the way I see it, Movable Type and Blogger service very different markets. Not to be rude, but people go to Blogger cuz it's free, despite the fact that it's not great for anything but ease of starting-up.

People willing to pay money, and who aren't intellectual midgets, aren't going to pay what blogger pro charges, along with the cost of blogspot hosting (which is exhorbitant) when they can get cheap, reliable hosting from $5 a month (and all the other wonders that that brings) and figure out how to install Movable Type. At least the basic Typepad service is cheapish.

The fact that neither of them has a fantastic interface that Opera can use means that I'm sticking to a free solution and using hosting I would have gotten anyway.

Which brings me to the point where I insist that people who are canny enough to use browsers like Opera, Mozilla and Safari are the people that should be treated the best. These are the people, who, like me, are more than happy to buy everything they can online, who are willing to pay for genuinely useful services, and spend more time online than any other activity during the day. I can't even stand the way that IE loads pages nowadays, all heavy, with a feeling of weight. Presto is a nice rendering engine. Mozilla is okay, and getting better, but it's really not that fantastic.

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