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I figure that since I'm not getting writing done anyway, I might as well write frivolous things. Hence what you're reading now.

I've decided that Staples is the way to go when it comes to meeting my considerable printing and copying needs. I got tired of going to Office Depot (even if their house brand laser paper is remarkably cheap and good), which can be rather depressing, and having to already print out a copy of my manuscript and still having to wait there for the thing to get copied. And often the machines can't even fit the whole manuscript in, I have to do it in parts.

Enter Staples Copy and Print center online. Granted there are any number of these services, and Office Depot actually runs one of them, but Staples has an ongoing promotion, that doesn't seem to be going away, where they give you a 50% discount for uploading your files online. The prices are remarkably good - and are actually already cheaper when it's not 50% off, than Office Depot.

You can also enroll in their rewards card (I signed up for the teaching one a while back, but I think it might all be the same) and get another 10% back.

The problem though, is that after uploading my file last night, realising that I can't pick up till 11am, and having to pay a "rush fee" (39c, but still :P) even to get it at that time (instead of 7pm!). But fine, at least I'll just be able to go up to the counter, pick it up, pay and be done.

But apparently all the kinks in the system accumulate at the ground level (specifically Staples store 1675 at 1300-J N. Ashland Ave. in Chicago) "We didn't get the e-mail" - so they hadn't even heard of my thing. It was lucky I actually brought in my order number etc. Fine, they can do it on the spot. The black and white printer/copier they have is vershnicked. Fine, they'll do colour for the same price. And the quality, I have to say if very very nice.

They charge for staples. And when they staple, they've run out of staples. Okay, they get some. They can't seem to staple it in a way that's not ugly. In the end they didn't even refund my rush fee or staple cost. At least this staples was both close to my Fifth Third Bank (banked in rebate check from logitech for my webcam) and the Post Office.

So for the price, I'll at least try it again, bring binder clips, and suck it up. The Post Office woman was all silly about having binder clips in the envelope. I could care less if you have to send it as parcel post rather than mail - especially if it's just 20c difference. Why aggravate me?

I'm going to do my best to use the automated services from now on, just on principle, but sometimes I do have to get things - like post cards this time etc.

Fascinating life I lead, innit?

I went to watch Red Belt, the new Mamet film. Perhaps more on that later. Emily Mortimer was superb, even if the film was a little silly, and not particularly well directed. Had Boston Market on the way back.

But yes, sent off to the detective fiction novella contest, sent Beth the third episode of Jezebel James, sent of my renewed lease, sent back the postcard telling the emissions test people that my car's been sold. Still haven't gotten my residential parking permit. monkey got hers like last week, along with our city stickers.

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