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I know in the grand scheme of things, my unhappiness isn't really that desperate, but it's still not a happy feeling. I will say that the intensity of it coming on during periods of sudden instability can make it particularly annoying.

So let's see. The ongoing thing is applying for jobs and having none of them reply to you except the one that turns out to be a pyramid scheme. Having the activation on monkey's computer act up was particularly aggravating in that it meant I was on there for hours (till 6am in the morning) installing cracks and rebooting. It's almost enough to make me want to pay for Windows, but let's not get crazy or anything. I now have another 30 days to figure things out, so at least it's less imminent, though having it hovering there isn't exactly fun.

Things were really coming to a head as I found out more and more about my visa status and the limits of OPT. I'd talk about it more but I'm still finding out more, and I want to do a proper post about it.

It's having things build up like that that can make watching an otherwise lovely piece of filmaking (Easy Living by Preston Sturges) be most memorable for the ache of hunger the main female character feels in the middle of film. Watching Stella Does Tricks at the same time didn't help. What does all UK independent cinema have to be so determinedly gritty?

I got a poem accepted by an online magazine. And since they pay for publications, I'm now a professional writer. One of the small presses that The Elbow Within will have the best chance with of any I've known, Chiasmus (most annoying website ever), is finally having a book competition

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