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Michigan Trip Planning

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Finally got around to booking accomodation for the trip. The fictional we will be staying at the very finest room of the Red Roof Inn.

In the end it was all about how the virtual tour of the Radisson rooms was really a little pathetic - so much so that we couldn't quite justify spending double the amount (even with AAA discount) to stay in an essentially smaller room.

At which point I got excited and actually drove out to a Borders to look at guide books of Michigan. Most were a little useless and too hugely general. But the Moon guide to Michigan seemed the best of the lot. Especially when it came to talking about Kalamazoo and Holland, but specifically also about the southeastern coastal region, which you inevitably drive through on your way from Illinois or Indiana. So places like Benton Harbor and New Buffalo. Also flipped through a copy of Road Food, which Michele had recommended. is also interesting. And it led me to a very promising midway stopping point in Indiana (Chesterton) with the Port Drive-In, which specializes in Hot Dogs and Home-made Root Beer.

It would have been nice if I had bought the books in the store where I browsed for them, but I'm way too (let's call it) principled for that. Got Road Food for $5 less (with free Amazon Prime shipping), and got the Moon Guide for about $6 used - $4 of which was shipping, as usual. Funnily enough, they allowed me to use my gift certificates for the entire amount, which was surprising given that one was a Marketplace purchase. I wonder how that works.

But yes, my gift certificates are accumulated from me being the affiliate that pimps all the stuff to myself. Mostly through integrating with Opera's search.ini.

Bought Chipotle back after. My those burrito bols are tasty. Especially with the hot sauce on top and their chicken. Gratifyingly owned by McDonalds.

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