Obama Disappoints, McCain Coverage "Lies Back and Thinks of England"

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You'd have to be in my head to go through the things I'm thinking about Obama, but I'd say it was inevitable that he eventually disappoint from the heights that he's promised. What I will say is that most people aren't junkies like us, so the activists might be a little less energised, but the general electorate is only going to get a vague filter. Really no one's paying attention yet, which is why both sides have just been engaging in the conventional posings of the 2004 campaign - the right is holding it's ground and the left is running towards the center. Now the holidays are over it might get more fun.

You'd think him moderating on some issues would make me happy, and it does to some extent. It also makes me happy that the hard left are going batshit crazy (I exaggerate). But hearing people express their disappointment with Obama just makes me want to point and go "ha-ha". That said, it's not like I didn't go through the exact same process when I was hearing about Obama's lack of testicular fortitude when it came to immigration reform in 2006. 

If anything I'm sort of feeling bad for McCain since he seems only to be getting the most "lie back and think of England" coverage from the press. And basically all the comedy being done about him can't get away from the age thing, which seems only to solidify that image. The NYTimes piece about him struggling with his "nemesis" the teleprompter was just mean. Not to mention this morning's AP headline that proclaims that as the race shapes up and we get to know more about the candidates, the dynamic has become "Old Guy vs. Change." Talk about bitchy handbag moments.

Normally the title of this post would be "junkies like us", but I'm being repressed, so I feel obliged to be more accurately descriptive. The fact that Obama's getting a headline for speaking in a stadium is just baffling.

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