Here Come the Belgians, Invading Budweiser

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God damn those Belgians, with their capital, global distribution network and greater economies of scale. Such are the tools of the heathen bastards that are so rudely and deviously attempting to colonise an icon of American (sic) cultural imperialist hegemony. Shame on them.

Paltry things, I suspect, lead the Economist to lapse into journalistic cliches:

In fact, InBev's impressive distribution network outside America would probably lead to a sharp increase in the number of foreigners guzzling Bud. So, as the stars of one popular Bud advert might ask, "Wassup?"

I suppose in what is a considerably amount of writing per week, not all of their articles can be winners. You can also read about the charming face of xenophobia on the streets of St Louis.

Motherfucking foreigners, with their oil and resources and goods and services that we put so much energy into bringing into this country.

I always go back to the headline and first sentence of probably my most frequently referenced Economist article, "Never Give a Sucker an Even Break":

"THERE is something drearily predictable about xenophobic protectionism."

For fuller coverage from the mouthpiece of global capitalism, you can read "Hands off our Bud."

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