The Young Boy and the Zen Master

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I'm just going through all the tsuris associated with upgrading Movable Type - though to be sure, plenty of it is my fault for having left it alone for so long. This is just a clean install, but I'm trying to upgrade my other install so that I can get the tools to stop the trackback spam and then start hacking away at it.

New GPS arrived. Pretty spanky. Haven't had much call to use the traffic feature yet, but we'll see. Shu-Huei is coming to visit on Sunday for Memorial Day Weekend.

I keep wanting to ask about something I don't want to ask about. I assume if there was good news that I would have been told. I'd like to think that even if it wasn't great news, that getting close to things happening is at least a kind of step.

I wonder if I'm feeling obliged to write longer posts to justify the amount of ads I've slapped onto the site. Once I have more content I'm sure it'll seem less obtrusive.

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