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This sounds like the beginning of a soft-rock ballad, but I've just woken up, at it's about 4am. I've just finished putting infolinks on my site. It's that inline advertising that has double-underlined links, and when you hover over it, it pops up a thing with the product etc. Infolinks is good in that it's not snooty about being put on small sites - unlike the bigger advertisers Chitika, Vibrant Media, Kontera.

I'll have info on my "Why Ads?" page about how to block it, though I'll probably only have them on my archive pages, which means the permalink pages and the category/monthly archive pages. Those are the ones that get the most traffic that aren't people I know. I figured keeping them off the pages would be a good idea.

I'm finding the referral links from adsense to be a little less than useful. I might just take them out. I didn't really want much on the pages anyway. And not much is showing up other than the ads for Barefoot Contessa.

I am happy that I'm able to make my ads as inobtrusive as possible, and for them to fit into the colour scheme of the site.

Anyway, no one should worry that this is all the site will ever be, I'll write about other things eventually, I've just got the meta stuff on the brain right now. I have a bunch or hours till I bug the abuse team at ICDSoft about whether they're lifting my performance restrictions. Once that happens I can try and do a proper import of my previous entries.

Flickr is evil and that's why I'm not using them anymore. I have my own hosting, so that will work out just fine. I'm liking the work I did on my pages, esp. with the pairing of the pictures.

Still dying to ask about what I shouldn't ask about. Also tired of tedious people. And especially when I'm hot and grumpy, I think about my future with a kind of annoyance.

I got a haircut. I should book the room for when I'm going over to Kalamazoo. I might stay with Michele in between.

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