The Punting of the Lark

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Aside from the fact that I hadn't heard about Wee Kim Wee, let's see what the Economist has for us this time round, in terms of being snarky about their little scratching post. Funny bunch the Economist are (bottom of page):

All for art

Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew might be an octogenarian, but his close ties to China's government mean his views on the country remain widely sought. As tensions between Japan and China flared in April, Mr Lee said that China needed to channel its rising power into “cultural revitalisation” rather than “military muscle”. Mr Lee, no slouch in fostering restrictions of all sorts at home, even urged China to relax its tough social strictures in order to “encourage freedom of artistic expression and the free exchange of ideas.” Rumours that China's leader, Hu Jintao, is taking up watercolour painting have yet to be confirmed.

Gambling who gives a fuck.

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