Ho Hum food, and the Worst Website *Ever*

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I was going to be kind to Amirans' Cafe, but after going to www.amiranscafe.com.sg, I was seriously considering firebombing the server farm that's infected with that silly nonsense. Wow, you know how to embed music, woo fucking hoo for you, you silly wanking bastards. Oh, and it's ugly. Ugly-like-Coldplay ugly.

It's the deserted parallel to Liang Seah Street, on my way to Bugis and McDonalds.

The food's not horrible.

Edit: Well okay, I was exaggerating (not about the site, it's wrong). the "Prime Steak", which I just had, was really rather good. It's basically a teriyaki steak with some of the most lovely rice I've tasted. I'll probably go back and try the Lamb, which they were out of. So yes, just the Maryland Chicken is quite that ho-hum.

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