*sigh* - A Nokia 6630 Actually Sounds Pretty Cool

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I'm now starting to think that I'd actually quite like to get the prize. I've always been interested in finding out how mobile browsing in Opera would be like, and I'm assuming that it'll have Bluetooth (yes it does), which I'd also like to have a go at. A short jaunt on Yahoo has found me this review. To have suddenly gone from nowhere to the first page of the most visited makes me think I'm in there with a chance.

The problem with writing for Opera is that whatever hits I get via the blog aggregator they have on MyOpera is probably from Opera users rather than people I'd be able to convert, probably a bit contrary to what this is supposed to be about. So technically I have to appeal to Opera's existing users in order to win, but ideally I should be writing for new users to get into Opera. Also, if I'm so good at what I'm doing, I'd be persuading people to come here just in general rather than coming here via MyOpera - not the biggest deal, but something worth noting.

I'm thinking I should do a post "I've converted X-number of users to Opera - what have you done for the cause" kind of thing. When I go where I go I'll definitely be evangelising - academic licenses are free anyway as far as I remember (yes they are). Perhaps I should do something on how the default setup should be - though I doubt that would be too useful - it'd make more sense to do a variation on my (now much outdated) search.ini made idiot proof post.

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