Nasi Lemak: East West

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Where: Along Liang Seah Street, closer to Bugis than Shaw Tower.

I really eat here quite a lot. Whenever I want to have rice it's either here or the zha fan stall - but mostly here. I don't normally have the plain rice, prefering to have the nasi lemak. One thing I don't bother with is getting the set meals - it's not quite as worth it and not quite as nice as just picking the stuff you want. If you want stuff from the sets, just add it to your plate.

The best thing by far there is the fried chicken. During major meal times it's available as a side, but if you want the whole hog, ask for the full fried chicken cutlet-ty dish from the menu, and they'll do one for you fresh on the spot. Even then I like to have it with the nasi lemak, and add stuff. Their eggs are not always nice and runny, but they do rather well, the curry chicken is quite nice, if I don't order it more often it's only because it's potentially messy and troublesome. The curry vegetable is similarly a staple. They have these crunchy fried dough things with a sweet topping, that's novel. Of the vegetables the bean sprouts tend to be okay, though I rather like their (not so often available) tofu. There's also a chicken dish in sauce which is rather nice.

It's really rather good, and when you come over I tend to ask you if you like nasi lemak, and this is what I'm referring to. Just don't mistake it for the run of the mill ikan bilis/chili/luncheon meat kind. I don't tend to buy drinks there because I can just walk back. I don't normally bring the economist there since things are ready to be eaten, unless I order the fried chicken. Very very pleasing as lunch, and not at all crowded for dinner.

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