McDonalds v. Burger King v. Pancake House

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This is probably why I call this a food diary rather than a recommendation of places to eat. I tend to go to Macs when I'm awake all night and want to have a nicer breakfast than I normally do. And when I'm craving pancakes. Don't get me wrong, I'd be left-testicle-less if I could live opposite a Pancake House, but since it's nearby, macs will have to do. I've never really had a Pancake Day, though I'm rather intrigued by the connotation of Pancake Breakfasts. Eggs Michael is to die for by the way, and so is the Andouile Hash.

Basically I go to Macs when I'm really sick of Burger King - because let's face it, Burger King breakfast is a pale cousin riding a pale horse, out of which the sausage is made. First of all the food at BK is really unabashedly microwaved, second it's just not as good as the Mac stuff - though to be sure, BK breakfast is forever going to be Presidential Primary and Presidential Debate food. The hash brown at macs is really *so* much better. The sandwiches are better. The french toast sticks aren't as good as the pancakes. And Burger King burgers: to quote Jelly (Third Watch), "... to have microwaved bacon".

Oh, and Subway actually does breakfast as well - microwaved eggs. But sometimes it's that or noodles in the morning again - I haven't had toast in a while now.

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