Sennheiser PX 100


I cannot be anything but impressed with this lovely piece of hardware. The reviews and pictures you see don't convey to you how *small* this pair of headphones is. I feels a bit fragile and flimsy, but it's just lovely and small. If you've not seen these things fold up into a little case like you'd put your sunglasses in, you're in for a treat, since the elegance of the solution is quite lovely.

The reviews also say to let them warm up over a couple of days, so I'll get back to you on how it sounds after a while, but as it is now, it's pretty sublime.

The most fantastic thing about it is the reason I bought it, but I was dubious about. It's so *comfortable*. They should sell it with taglines you'd normally see pimping condoms. Me and my pointy head and jutting specs will no longer constrain how long I can listen using headphones. Granted I've only had them on for an hour or two, but the impression of comfort is worthy of monkeys.

Go buy some. Prices in Sim Lim vary greatly, I bought mine for $73, which is what I'd get it for online in the states after you include shipping. I'm sure you can get it cheaper if you look, but it's saturday and a few dollars isn't going to keep me in Sim Lim a minute longer than I can stand. Just don't pay $98 for it - price transparency should really come further to the fore.

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