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I can't believe I'm saying this, but ICQ lite now doesn't seem half bad - no doubt because I removed those god-damn ads - which I'd never click thru just on principle, not because they were ads per-se, just because they were annoying. I'm again more than appreciative of Google's subtlety of ad placement (how's that for ass-kissing?).

And at least AOL has gotten enough of it's act together so I don't have to run both AIM and ICQ. Isn't interoperability just shiny? Can't wait till MSN can joing the fun. But then again I can't wait for pigs to fly out of my ass - some things are just shy on probability.

This does NOT mean I in any way like or endorse the use of ICQ, which remains a plague on human existence. MSN remains my IM of choice. If only MSN messenger would find out how to work with OE like Windows Messenger does - but then that would get around the buddy list ads... I see it all now. Not that I have buddy list ads...

Again, things that flash? can go and suck eggs. Static content is a wonderful thing.

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