Day 1


So you've decided to try using Opera. Clever you.

There are nice easy instructions to be found on how to download and install Opera here.

The default settings are more than adequate for your installation so just go ahead and follow the above instructions.

Once Opera starts up, just carry on having a look around you, most things are self explanatory and encountering things for the first time, you should read the dialogs and understand what they're telling you.

Don't worry though, everything can be put back if you change it, nothing you can do is irrevocable. When you know more about what you're doing, you'll be better able to decide how/whether you want these things to help you.

The best advice I can give is to just start browsing around - if you're adventurous, you can use the provided bookmarks to find out new things; and there are convenient bookmarks to a bunch of sites including many to Opera resources for you to explore at your own leisure. Otherwise just visit your favorite sites and see how perfectly Opera handles them.

Essential Tips:

If you don't like the bookmarks being on your left like that, you can turn that off by pressing F4. Pressing F4 again will bring it back.

Pressing F12 gives you options that you might want to change more often. Just to start off, you might want to use the option that says "Open requested pop-up windows only", which will block unwanted pop-ups (one of the best reasons for using Opera). Most pop-ups you'll want will still come up - but if you're having problems, going back to "Accept pop-up windows" might help (highly unlikely)

That's already alot for most people on the first day, so just keep browsing around and appreciate how nicely Opera does things. If you're ready to move on, you can carry on to Day 2.

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