Clean Install


Putting your OS on a RAID setup is underated I must say. Remarkably zippy.

ATI is very naughty - just for the record, the way to get my graphics driver to work after a clean install is to go to device manager and uninstall it from safe mode. And yes I so need a setup CD.

And the way to fix the scrolling issue is to just reinstall the graphics drivers.

Thankfully Opera's not the one at fault. It's a pity 7.2 beta 2 is so unstable. And they didn't fix the startup bug in Klipfolio - I'm off to complain about it right now.

Oh, and what the hell is up with Outlook slowing down after my nice new install? Viewing mails now takes ages, the loading is so slow. Have decided to move back to Outlook Express until Office 2003 comes out.

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