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Nice to listen to Rage Against the Machine again. Peishan was asking about political activism in rap, so obviously they came up. And as I suspected, the forum was a bit too much for Peishan to handle ;). Oh, and Su-Lin's comp is acting up, suspect it's her modem drivers - if Su-Lin's reading this, please just go to windowsupdate and download whatever new available drivers there are...

Site seems pretty much sewn up, in terms of formatting. Spent far too much time tweaking the layout of the style sheet... But yes the content will get there eventually. Teo seemed rather disappointed that my resume wasn't up.. :P

Oh yes, just wanted to comment that whoever's been downloading my Klip, hoorah for you, since you'll probably be reading this quite regularly. Good for you :D. At least I know Teo will be proficient enough to figure out how Klipfolio works...

Andrew's over with a couple of bottles of wine, but it's just a bit early at the moment. Xiao Ran's coming over for mahjong, so that should be a good time. Bumped in to her after seeing Clarissa going towards her and Michelle's place. Michelle's funny :D. Lots to say about being pampered upper middle class in this country that privileges ghetto cred - also has lots to say about the innumerable racial encounters she's had. Must be something about her demeanour. Her and Ve-Yin... *sigh*.

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