Packed and Moved


Have moved into Ingram H, where I'll be until graduation. Depressingly, it's that much of a nicer room than my old one - the TV reception is absolutely flawless and sharp after the intense fuzziness I've become accustomed to.

Emen will be over in a minute, as will the curry (again). Everyone seems to be pretty damn sick of moving and carrying all this crap all over the fuck-shop. I know Delwyn and Dion are pretty grumpy having to keep going back and forth to Manchester.

But well, will be leaving for Holland on Tuesday, which is actually when my results come out, but *what-ever*. I've pretty much got the route to Stansted, we'll have to pre-book the parking so it's cheaper, and we've got accomodation sussed for both Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

I think the plan is that we just spend the last day farting around Eindhoven, but not actually staying there. Apparently it's that boring that hostels aren't actually a priority.

I've found "What Katy Read", so I'll see what Su-lin says, whether she wants me to try and get the money back or whether she wants a last reminder of her time in York, a souvenir if you will. Like I planned to do with the Golding books in the RJC library - which no one ever took out :P.

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