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Saw Claire today, and must remember to go and meet her again at 10.15 on Friday in Vanbrugh. Claire, as always, is nice, and she wasn't just ignoring me, since she only finished her stuff 2 weeks ago and is still recovering. I saw her in Vanbrugh where I was going to have a sandwich.

I must endeavour to promote my site to her, since she's not one who's likely to be online perpetually with messenger, and the forums might be a nice spontaneous place for her to come once in a while.

And of course since she wants to know all about me, she can come and read this lovely blog. I shall endeavour to send her an e-mail (which. like all my e-mails now, contain a subtly placed link to this site) with my internal no. so she can perhaps remind me of our meeting so I won't forget.

Hope Dion found his car radio place, if not he's a bit cock :D. Should have mentioned to him that slot loading players are probably the way to go rather than disc changers, but I suppose they're cheaper anyway, so he shouldn't go wrong there. Hope my boxes are able to get delivered, Parcelforce should be smart enough to put it with the porter if no one answers the door.

Otherwise when I'm not packing I might go and practise driving manual again, which shouldn't be too bad of a stretch. Still haven't remembered to go buy cucumber. Might try and drive to somewhere with cucumbers then.

Andrew's been a bit tardy with his e-mailing me the number of the storage company, but I suppose he's having exams. I might give him a call tomorrow or something.

Michel's coming over for dinner, shall try and message him to bring me a copy of the unaired firefly episodes.

I'm returning to being impressed with Chateau Online, since the mixed case they sent Delwyn looks pretty good. Granted we probably drank the nicest bottle of the lot, but it was rather superlatively pleasant, and very smooth.

Have decided that even though this is a long entry, because there is no central thread or link to the various portions of it, that using the extended entry function would not be a good idea. To use the extended entry function, the entry body would really be like a kind of teaser to the rest - Showtalkers does that a lot - and the best bits of the entry (referred to in the title) should be in the extended portion. In this case, since it's rather meandering, that wouldn't make much sense - though if the content spread across a no. of categories, I'd probably split up the entry, as I have done.

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